Brigitte Schröder

Brigitte Schröder (* 28. July 1917 in Breslau; † 27. October 2000 in Bonn), born Landsberg, was of 1941 to the wife of the German politician Dr. Gerhard Schröder CDU.

It applied after the Nürnberger laws as a “half-breed I. Degree ". The wedding was possible therefore only with a special permission of the armed forces. It is amazing that this was issued, since the married man of Mrs. Schröder withdrew in the same year from the party NSDAP again.

Brigitte Schröder was to a considerable degree honorary active. 13 years was them member in the town councillor in Duesseldorf, was there also Presbyterin in the matte shark municipality and created the “working group of Evangelist parents and educators”. After its removal to Bonn 1962 it created the woman and family service of the Foreign Office.

It created the Evangelist hospital assistance in the year 1969 - EKH. Their life's work led it across 27 years long, until it handed the line to 1996 over at Mrs. Gabriele Trull. Today ladies and gentlemen” are active in the EKH over the 11.000 “Greens. For her earnings/services Brigitte Schröder was appointed in the year 1985 the honour member of the Johanniterordens.

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