Brigitte carrier

Brigitte carrier, (* 25. April 1973 in Waldkirch, municipality George mountain (Upper Palatinate), district new city to the Waldnaab) is a German singer of the folk music.

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Brigitte carrier had already as a child common appearances with their father. It buildup with 6 brothers and sisters and it learned different instruments. 1990 young Brigitte von Dieter Thomas's tail in its transmission “sing i” discovered now. Thereupon it received its first disk contract and the composer Peter Aschberger wrote for it new popular titles.

The singer had their largest success so far with Santa Christina, which brought in their 1995 the first place in the “hit parade of the people music” and 1996 made it the musi edge queen in “oh CIM hit parade”. Further appearances in numerous television broadcasts, like for example Musikantenstadl , followed “if the Musi play”, “musi edge barn” and “merry musi edges”. Apart from its television appearances it gave concerts in Germany, to Austria, in Switzerland, Belgium and in South Tyrol, in addition, in the USA, where it goes to tour since always 1993.

1999 arrested Brigitte carrier with the title from you to me during the German preliminary decision to the Grand Prix of the people music part and one year later (2000) again with stop me, but could not it the final in each case not reach. Nevertheless Brigitte is carrier again and again to guest in numerous television broadcasts. Their repertoire covers hits, popular songs, Oldies and classical melodies, which will provide with new texts.


success title

  • Santa Christina 1995
  • from you to me 1999
  • stop me firmly 2000



  • My songs are my dreams
  • the roses are wither
  • the most beautiful word of the world…
  • In the Paradies on time
  • of full longing
  • this sea fully feeling
  • between skies and earth

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