British young remote islands

Nationalflagge der Britischen Jungferninseln
Wappen der Britischen Jungferninseln
(Detail) (detail)
Wahlspruch: The country, The People, The Light
(English. „The country, the people, the light “)
office language English
capital Road Town
system of government British overseas territories of the united Kingdom of
head of state Elizabeth II.
Governor Tom Macan
head of the government Orlando Smith
surface 153 km ²
number of inhabitants 22,643 (conditions July 2005)
population density of 148 inhabitants per km ²
currency US Dollar (USD)
time belt UTC -4
national anthem
Kfz characteristic
internet TLD .vg
preselection +1,284
Lage der Britischen Jungferninseln in der Karibik

the British young remote islands (English: the British Virgin Iceland)are convenient a Inselgruppe of the small Antilleses in the Karibik, east of Puerto Rico. They are British overseas territories of the united kingdom. 16 over 60 of the islands and reef is inhabited.

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Ginger Iceland,


Van Dyke, Norman Iceland covers 4 infrastructure 5 economics 6 culture of 6,1 holidays 7 Web on the left of [work on] geography the area of the British young remote islands, Peter Iceland, salt Iceland, Tortola, Virgin Gorda and beyond that still different small islands around „the Sir Francis Drake - channel “.

The island Anegada consists the other islands relatively flat of Korallen and limestone and is, is volcanic origin,hilly and hilly. The highest point of the islands is the Mount legend with 521 m on Tortola.

The climate is subtropical and damp, the temperatures is moderate by hoist. Hurricanes and tropical storms are there from July to Octobers. Thoseare limited for natural fresh water occurrences with exception of some rivers, which drain in the summer, and by sources on Tortola. The most important part of the water supply of the islands comes from wells and rain water areas.


the British young remote islands have approx. 21,700 inhabitants.33% are Methodists, 17% are Anglikaner, 10% catholic, 9% members of the municipality of God, 6% Adventisten of the seventh daily, 4% Baptisten, 2% a witness Jehovas and 4% admititself to another or no religion.


in the 1. Century v. Chr. if Arawak settled the islands, however 15 became in. Century subjected by Kariben. 1493 „discovered “ Christoph Kolumbus the young remote islands for the Europeans. 1555 defeated SpanishTroops the indigene population and exterminated them in the coming decades. After the Netherlands settled 1648 as first the islands, the area was annektiert 1672 by England. The British interspersed the sugar tubing cultivation which is based on the slavery. Today are therefore 90% of the population of Black African descent.


the road system is 177 km long, it prevails to left-hand traffic. In Road Town gives it a port.

On the islands there are five airports: Anegada on the islandAnegada (IATA - airport code: NGD), Beef Iceland on the island Beef Iceland (ICE), North sound Virgin on the island Virgin Gorda (NSX), Virgin Gorda on the island Virgin Gorda (VIJ) and west end to SPB on the island Tortola (TOV).


If the economy

, one the most stable and the most flourishing work on economics in the Karibik, depends very strongly on the tourism, which for approx. 45% of the national income are responsible. Approx. 350,000 tourists, the majority from the USA, visited thoseIslands 1998. 2002 suffered the tourism also from the weak US economy. Starting from center of the 1980er years offers the administration companies the possibility of residing on the islands with a mail box firm. The fees for the establishment of such companies makemore than 50% of the state income out. Approx. 400,000 mail box firms were registered at the end of of 2000 on the islands.

The cattle breeding has the most important portion of the agriculture. The bad soil quality makes possible only a limited supply for the domestic population.

The economy is closely to the American young remote islands bound and since 1959 the official currency is the US Dollar.


information to the coat of arms and to the flag of the British young remote islands the articles coats of arms of the British young remote islands and flag contain of the British one Young remote islands

of holidays

date name German name notes
1. January new Years Day New Year
4. March H. Lavity Stoutt's Birthday birthday by Hamilton Lavity Stoutt Minister of 1957 - 1995
March Commonwealth Day Commonwealth day second Monday in March
March/April Good Friday and Easter Monday Karfreitag and Ostermontag Easter
June Whit Monday whit-monday
June Sovereign's Day celebration to the birthday by Elizabeth II.
1. July Territory Day celebration of the territory
August festival Holidays festival (three days) firstMonday - Wednesday in August for the release from the slavery 1834
21. October pc. Ursula's Day celebration of the holy Ursula
25. and 26. December Christmas Day and Boxing Day Christmas

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coordinates: 18° 30 ′ N, 64° 30 ′W


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