British territory in the Indian ocean

Flagge des Britischen Territoriums im Indischen Ozean
(Details to the flag)
Office language English
system of government British overseas territories
head of state Elizabeth II.
Surface 60 km ²
time belt UTC
national anthem God save the Queen
internet TLD .io

the British territory in the Indian ocean (English: British IndianOcean Territory) is British overseas territories.

Today it covers only the crowning colony Tschagosinseln (geographical designation: Tschagos archipelago). Aldabra, Farquhar and the Roches were integrated Seychelles.


the archipelago consists of six atolls alsoapproximately 60 to a large extent uninhabited small islands. It lies with 6° 00 ' south and 71° 30 ' east. The largest island is Diego Garcia in the atoll of the same name. The remaining atolls are the large Chagos bank, the largest atoll of the earth (also Nelsons Iceland and Danger Iceland), Peros Banhos, the Salomoninseln, the Egmont islands, as well as the Blenheim reef, which reach the water surface only with low water level and exhibit no islands.

The islands extend over a sea-area of 54.400Square kilometers. All islands together are straight times 60 square kilometers and could 42 times in the Saarland place find.


the island Diego are uninhabited up to a common military base of the USA and Great Britain and Northern Ireland on the islandGarcia.


the Inselgruppe stands since 1965 under British sovereignty. When one year late Great Britain leased the entire archipelago for fifty years to the USA, 1,200 natives had, „Chagossians “or „Ilois “mentioned, their islands leave andSeychelles found the new homeland on Mauritius and.

The Americans established a military base, which was explained as the restricted area in the consequence on the largest island Diego Garcia.

Only one may be visited by the six atolls of the archipelago. Itthe northernmost 5.3 degree is southern latitude and is called Salomon. It consists of ten small islands, of which Boddam with 800 x is 150 meters the largest. To 1965 here about 400 natives lived - today nobody more.


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