British Academy OF film and Television kind

British the Academy OF film and Television kind, shortened BAFTA, (literally: British academy of the film and television art) is a British organization, which assigns annually prices for outstanding achievements within the ranges motion picture film , television, child maintenance and interactive media.

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the BAFTA goes out out of the British film academy (British film Academy) and the Gilde of the television producers and director (Guild OF Television of producer and Directors).

The British film academy became to 16. April 1947 in a Londoner hotel of film-creative based. Their intention was it, after that the 2. To strengthen world war weakened national film industry and to promote their creative Potenzial. To the founders among other things Michael Balcon, Sir Alexander Korda, David Lean and Carol Reed belonged.

Enfranchised member of the academy can become, who has at least 4 years professional experience in the industries film, television and interactive media to exhibit and by a member for a membership, already existing, is suggested. 2004 counted the academy about 4000 members.

The head office of the BAFTA is at the Piccadilly Circus in London, with branch offices in Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff, Los Angeles and New York.


starting from 1948 were assigned annually by the film academy in four categories prices. After the union with the Gilde of the television producers and directors 1958 and the inclusion of interactive media 1997 the number of price categories increased in the meantime on 19 (conditions: 2004).

If the price was assigned at the beginning of still in May, then the award 2002 before before on February the OSCAR - to forestall award.

The price in the renowned Odeon is lent - cinema in London, which ceremony transferred by the BBC.

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