British Association for the Advancement OF Science

British the Association or - in the long form - British the Association for the Advancement OF Science is a scholar company with the goal of making science popular and of promoting the exchange between scientists.

It was created 1831 by William Vernon Harcourt on suggestion by David Brewster, after this turned away disappointed from the attitude of the Royal Society conservative elitären from its view and. The first meeting of the society found to 27. September 1831 in York instead of.

During the last decades it was the principal purpose of this society to promote the understanding of science in the broad public. The annual meetings, which are called today “festival OF Science” (celebration of the science), are the largest public science meeting in Great Britain, which draws much public attention on itself. The youth organization of the society (British Association Young Scientists) sat down it to the goal of confronting pupils beyond the school curricula with science and of encouraging it of training itself further in this area.

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