British union OF Fascists

British the union OF Fascists (BUF) was a British fascist party of the 1930er years.

Flag of the BUF with the symbol Flash and Circle (lightning and circle), “energy in more social and/or. rassischer unit " to represent should

after its new party 1931 without choice success had remained, went the former labour delegate Oswald Mosley on journeys, in order to study the new political movements of Benito Mussolini and other fascist. It decided thereupon, the already existing smaller to unite ultranationalistischen and fascist groupings in its homeland and created for this purpose 1932 British the union OF Fascists. Mosley saw itself in the Italian “Duce” Mussolini similar a role and copied also the BUF from the fascist movements in Italy and other countries of Europe.

The BUF was communist and protectionistically aligned anti. It demanded the abolishment of the parliamentary democracy and the creation of a Ständestaats. According to own data the BUF up to 50.000 had members. In the first years it was supported by the daily paper DAILY Mail; this support went up to the headline “Hurrah for the Blackshirts!”. Under their trailers was the Romancier Henry Williamson and the military theoretician John Frederick Charles filler.

Mosley introduced early black uniforms for its party, the Blackshirts in such a way specified. Not least by the marching-up of the Blackshirts the party harvested Hohn and mockery however from many sides only. The hymn of the BUF was intoniert like the National Socialist refuge Wessel song.

Despite considerable, sometimes violent resistance of Jewish, communist and different democratic organizations the BUF could develop itself centers in the Londoner the east. In the course of the years the BUF became ever more violent and also more anti-Semitic, which her always far from her supporters in the Middle Class. During a large meeting of the fascists in the Londoner Olympia to 7. June 1934 came it to a mass fight, when the Blackshirts disturber from the hall wanted to throw. These occurrences and the internal-party cleaning action Adolf Hitler in Germany, the Röhm Putsch in such a way specified, led 1934 to the fact that the BUF lost most of its supporters, so that she could not even participate 1935 in the House of Commons choice. Mosley put off its trailers to want to participate in the next choice all the more successful.

The number of the members shrank until 1936 on under 8.000. The mainoh-light activity of the BUF were in the future marching-up and demonstrations. The British government regarded these as nevertheless so dangerously that it issued 1936 publicly the order act, a law, which forbade political uniforms and which demonstration liberty limited. In a racistic motivated fight, the Battle in such a way specified OF Cable Street in October 1936, Mosley were forced and its trailers by a majority from opponents to the retreat.

1936 the name of the party extended on operation of William Joyce, one as a demagogischen speaker admitted member of the BUF, on British union OF Fascists and national Socialists.

Mosley and 740 other fascist functionaries were interned in the Second World War, who became BUF 1940 forbidden.

All comeback attempts Mosleys in the post-war period remained without each success.


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