Britta Becker

Britta Becker (* 11. May 1973 at Ruesselsheim) is a German Feldhockeyspielerin.

Their largest successes are in each case second places with the Feldhockeyeuropameisterschaften 1991 as well as the olympic plays 1992. With the European championships 1995 and the world championship 1998 it won the bronze medal with the German crew in each case. Beyond that it became once Hallenhockeyeuropameisterin. Briefly before the olympic plays 2004 explained she repeats her resignation from the national team.

Becker is since 1996 with the television moderator Johannes B. Kerner married and has two children, Emily Blomma (* January 1999) and NIC David (* October 2001). The family Becker Kerner lives German Hockeyspielerin


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