Brněnec (German: Brünnlitz) is a municipality with 1.384 inhabitants in the Okres Svitavy in Tschechien. It is to 11 km because of the river Svitava, which formed the historical border between Böhmen and Mähren, north the city Letovice and is the center of the micro region Brněnec.

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Schindlers factory

the Ersterwähnung of the place took place in the year 1557 in the instrument of division of the rule Swojanow. In the year 1892 one encountered hotel present with construction work at the road after German Bielau (Bělá nad Svitavou) in the proximity of 1 km west the place “again America” (Nová America) remainders prähistorische tongefässe. During purposeful excavations one opened 1893 on this grave field further pieces of find. In a neighbouring mountain-slope the present, Quirgellöcher (Czech Jeskyně Čertovy) mentioned, gaps and caves, had been before already discovered remainders of earlytemporal settling.

Brünnlitz received a station at this main route with the building of the railway from Prague to Brünn. Beside the most important enterprise, the Daubek mill thereby numerous industrial companies settled.

In Brünnlitz, including which local parts at that time Hinterwasser (Zářečí nad Svitavou, today part of the municipality Březová nad Svitavou) and Unterwald (Podlesí) lived 1930 606 inhabitants in the year, of whom 208 was that German nationality. 1939 had Brünnlitz of only 490 inhabitants, a cause of this decrease were the evacuation and/or. the way course of Czechs during German occupation.

The Gemeindegebiet extended at this time exclusive to the right, böhmische, bank of the Zwitta (Svitava). Oppositely, on mährischer side the independent village Mährisch Chrostau (Moravská Chrastová) was, which possessed with its local parts oil huts (Chrastová Lhota) and Pupelzen (Půlpecen, today part of the municipality Chrastavec) in the year 1939 1,143 inhabitants and thus more like Brünnlitz was than twice as large.

The place Brünnlitz belonged to the district and court district Politschka and became after the Annexion of the Sudetenlandes part of the German district Zwittau.

In the year 1944 Oskar Schindler shifted its German email goods factory (DEF) including the associated camp with 1.200 Jewish forced laborers from Krakau to Brünnlitz into the there ammunition factory acquired by it. They escaped so the evacuation into the destruction and became to 10. May 1945 releases.

Today there are 800 jobs in the municipality Brněnec.

local parts

the municipality Brněnec (Brünnlitz) consists, to Chrastová Lhota (oil huts), Moravská Chrastová (Mährisch Chrostau) and Podlesí (Unterwald) of the local parts.

sons and daughters of the municipality

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