Brooke Ashley

Brooke Ashley (original name: Anne Marie Ballowe; * 5. May 1973 in Taegu, South Korea) is a former Pornodarstellerin.

Brooke Ashleys father is American clergyman, their nut/mother is Koreanerin. At the age of 16 years it was raped according to its own statement of schoolmates. With the dream of the better life it went in the age from 18 years to Los Angeles. Here it began its activity in the Pornoindustrie at the age of 18 years, in which it made career with its eastern appearance soon. Under the names Brooke Ashley, Fantasia, Anne Marie and Tea participated it in over 180 films and led also direction.

In the year 1998 it turned a film for the production companies hard core Television and K-Beech video Inc. Their partner is the actor Mark of S. Gold mountain. Some time tested after the turning work Brooke Ashley positively on HEAVE. She had to withdraw herself from the Pornoindustrie. The cheque for their fee over 10,000 dollar, which it wanted to redeem briefly after its positive test result, was rejected by the banks.

In the following legal proceedings turned out that it had sexual intercourse during the turning work with 25 men. Some condoms had carried, nearly everything a negative HIV test to prove had been able. Only Marks of S. Gold mountain could not show a valid test.

Brooke Ashley, which was gotten sick also with hepatitis C, became known to a larger public in the future by appearances in Talkshows and interviews. She sued its Mitdarsteller Mark gold mountain, because he had falsified allegedly a negative HIV Testbescheid. Together with MTV she compiled a documentary film over the Pornoindustrie. Today it contributes substantial to the clearing-up over the Pornoindustrie and to the assistance for stranded Pornodarsteller. It lives in Honolulu/Hawaii in a hospital for homeless person AIDS patient.

Brooke Ashleys process became the prominent case against the American Pornoindustrie and found extremely large medium attention. [1]


  • 1993: Nasty Girls
  • 1994: Burma Road 2
  • 1996: Pick UP LINEs 7
  • 1996: Puritan video of magazines #5
  • 1997: Assembly 3 & 5

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