Brooke Hanson

Brooke Hanson (* 18. March 1978 in Manly, new South Wales) is an Australian swimmer.

Hanson began with the swimming sport at the age of four years. 1994 were it the youngest member of the Australian national team with the Commonwealth plays and were there fourth over 200 m chest. Afterwards a eight-year old period of reduced circumstances for Brooke Hanson began. Only with plays 2002 it knew the Commonwealth itself again qualify for the national team. With the swimming world championships 2003 in Barcelona it won the silver medal over 50 m chest. She celebrated their largest successes one year later with the olympic plays in Athens, than her with the 4 x 100 m situation layer the gold medal won and silver over 100 m chest. With the swimming world championships 2005 in Montréal she came into several Finals, could win however only over 50 m chest bronze medal.

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