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Bruce Lee (Chinese: 李小龍 (traditionally) , 李小龙 (simplified) , Lǐ Xiǎolóng (pinyin), * 27. November 1940 in San Francisco; † 20. July 1973 in Hong Kong; actually Left June fan pinyin Lǐ Zhènfán) was an actor and a combat artist. It is considered as icon of the Martial kind film.

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lives and working

although already at the early age of three months began its film career,called Bruce Lee its role in The Beginning OF A Boy, in which he along-played as 6-jähriger, its actual play debut. At the age of eight years followed a second role, which for it the surnames „Lee Siu Loong “(small Drache Lee) brought in; under this nameit was from now on in the entire Mandarin film Circuit well-known. In The Orphan it had its first main role then finally with 17 years. Up to its 18. Lebensjahr covered its Filmografie already 20 of films.

After completing the primary school Bruce became with twelve years in Hong Kong on onecatholic Knabenschule, reading all all this, certified. Due to the prevailing rivalry between Chinese and British pupils it often came to the school to fights. Already soon Bruce asked its nut/mother to be allowed to take combat art instruction in order to be able to defend itself. There the tardiness of the exercises and movementsthe Tai Chi Chuan, which its father practiced, not its nature corresponded, was finally ready its nut/mother to finance Bruce instruction. The trailers Yip Mans provoked gladly pupils of other Kung Fu schools too sportily fair delivered fights, in which also Bruce took part regularly.With one of these fights Bruce hurt its opponent so strongly that its parents refunded announcement at the police. The police handed Bruce over of the Obhut of its parents with the reference that during further offenses on a term of imprisonment for Bruce was to be counted. Due to this incident andin order to ensure that Bruce further the American nationality to keep to be able, decided Bruces parents to send the 18-jährigen to San Francisco. Thus it drove 1959 on board a steamer of the American President LINEs into the United States. On these 18-tägigen journey Bruce earned itselfits first own money, by it the passengers of the 1. Class Cha Cha - instruction gave (a passion of many years, which it 1958 the title of Hong Kong - Cha Cha master brought in). The journey became for Bruce also a time of the self meditation; he came as more balanced, unlock and more curiously youngerMan in the USA on.

It lived and made transition way first with a friend of its father in San Francisco there further something money with dance instruction. A few months later in Seattle Bruce seized on the offer of Ruby Chow - a friend of the family- back to work for food, Logis and something tip as Platzanweiser and waiters in their restaurant. At the same time Bruce visited during the day the Edison Technical School, in order to attain its High School conclusion. It qualified itself finally for the University OF Washington, where it itself and.A. dedicated to the study of philosophy. In its spare time it gave interested fellow students in backyards, parks and on the campus Kung Fu instruction - among them to Taky Kimura, which should become late Bruces of first Assistenztrainer and friend for the life, as well as his later Mrs. Linda Emery. At the end of of 1963, after it had spent the summer at its family in Hong Kong, Bruce returned to Seattle, where he at the University Way, near which college campus opened, its first official „to June fan Gung Fu Institut “. To 17. Bruce and pulled Linda married August 1964 andtogether after Oakland, where they lived first in the house of James Yimm Lee. Bruce and James, likewise a passionate combat artist, became acquainted with themselves by common acquaintance and became immediately indiscerptible friends. Bruce had large confidence in James and set it in its second JuneFan Gung Fu Institut in Oakland as its Assistenztrainer. Due to the exclusivity of its Kwoons (training places) the two institutes were financially only moderately successful, and the incomes were not sufficient for the time being to pull together with in the meantime more schwanger the Linda become into their own house. NeverthelessBruce with large perfection and passion dedicated itself to the development of its own combat art method, which in the following years as Bruce Lees „“(the way of the decisive or intercepting fist) admits of Jeet Kune DO become should.

1964 followed Bruce Lee of the invitation of OD Parker, the so-called „father “of the American Kenpo of carats to demonstrate and describe with the first international carat championships in Long Beach, California, to date still the Kung Fu completely unknown in the western world. The so-called „One inch of Punch “, the Bruce during this demonstrationthe surprised specialized public demonstrated, became one of his most famous brand names. Its appearance should become the large turning point in Bruces lives. The demonstration was pursued by many humans, both locally and at the picture monitor. Under them Hollywood star hairdresser Jay Sebring, that the television producer William Dozier,which on the search for an asiatic actor for its (Charlie Chan's) NUMBERs One Son - TV serial was, of Bruces abilities and attraction on the public reported. Dozier contacted OD Parker and asked it for the Videoaufzeichnung of Bruces demonstration. Dozier was done by the stage operational readiness level Bruce Lees likewise very and invited it immediately to sample photographs to Los Angeles, which ran to mutual satisfaction. Due to the asking one series of its Greenway Production company extremely successfully started Dozier decided however, the production of a further, likewise on a Comicfigurto give based TV serial with the title The Green Hornet the priority. Thus Bruce had to wait more than one year long, until he should hear again something of Dozier.

At the 1. February 1965 brought its first child, Brandon Bruce Lee to Linda to the world. Bruce designatedit proudly as the only blond, naive Chinese of the world. But its birth was already overshadowed one week later by the message over the death of Bruces father. Bruce flew immediately for burying to Hong Kong; Linda and Brandon followed him some days later, wherethey then for four months in the house of the Lee family lived. Bruce, which strove to continue its film career in Hollywood remained meanwhile in constant contact with William Dozier. In September 1965 the recent family flew back into the United States, where it for the time being further four monthswith Lindas family in Seattle spent, until they finally returned home to Oakland.

After the long-waited OK ONE of Dozier for The Green Hornet pulled Linda and Bruce in March 1966 to Los Angeles; here Bruce in Chinatown L.A. opened. third June fan Gung Fu Institut,with OD park he pupil Dan Inosanto as its Assistenztrainer. In L.A. completed Bruce its first and only formal play instruction, which the Twentieth Century Fox for him organized. The Green Hornet series was reset, under the small ratingses, after only six months and 26 radiated consequences. Neverthelessprovided the Filmrolle of the combatart-experienced Kato Bruce Lee large trailer shank of inspired dte rodents and also adults. By assistance and influence such prominent Hollywoodgrössen such as James Coburn, Steve McQueen and film script author Stirling Silliphant, those with Bruce in the meantime training hours took and meanwhile good friends ofit had become, could be he by guest appearances in TV serials such as Ironside , Blondie and Here Comes the Bride further in the focus of the public. At the same time its large Reputation led as an Kung Fu expert to the fact that itself some the best carat fighters, like Joe Lewis, Chuck Norris, Mike Stone and Louis Delgado technically with Bruce exchanged and partially private instruction with it took. he got 1968 in Marlowe at the side of leading actor James Garner its first appearance in a evening-filling Hollywoodfilm. 1969 - the Lee family was to 19. April by Töchterchen Shannon Lee around a further member enrich become - Bruce with its idea of „the ultimative Martial addressed itself kind film “to James Coburn and Stirling Silliphant. But despite initial enthusiasm on the part of Warner Brothers regarding the film script to The silent flood, left the Filmstudio thatProject because of realization difficulties finally fall.

1970 began Bruce Lee and Stirling Silliphant co-operation for the pilot sequence of the TV serial Longstreet, in which Bruce in the role of the combat art expert proper played itself, which brought in an extremely positive public resonance for it. While a short visit in Hong Kong hadBruce to its surprise state that it was pushed at the Chinese public in its role as Kato in the Green Hornet series on inspired resemblance. The series was played on all channels up and down and from pure enthusiasm to its compatriot short hand in „The KatoShow “renamed. According to the interest of medium in Bruce Lee was large, and so the many radio and television interviews, which it gave from now on, brought in in a flash numerous offers of film producers from Hong Kong and Taiwan for it. The Shaw brothers, those at that time almost a monopolistic position in the Hong KongerFilm industry held, submitted to it a long-term contract, which Bruce rejected however due to the ridiculously small fee thanking. Raymond Chow, a rising film producer, owner that made golden Harvest of Studios and avowed competitor of the Shaw brothers, a lucrative offer nearly simultaneous for it over two features, in those Bruce in each casethe main role to play should. Although Bruce still saw its cinematic future in the USA, he consented to the offer of Raymond Chow and took in July 1971 to Thailand the turning work to its first feature film The bends upward Boss. The good criticisms,which intermediate it kept for its role in the pilot sequence from Longstreet, Paramount Pictures arranged to extend Bruces commitment by three further consequences. Bruce signed an appropriate contract after completion of the turning work in Thailand. After radiant emittance of these further Longstreet consequences both Paramount Pictures over-accumulated it upand Warner Brothers with enticing offers. Nevertheless Bruce, accompanied by Linda and the children, returned first to Hong Kong, in order to fulfill its contract with Raymond Chow. In October 1971 had The bend Boss premiere and became at first attempt a large success.The film struck all cinema records of the Mandarin film Circuits existing up to then. Still in the same year the turning work for Bruces began second film Fist OF Fury, which during the premiere in March 1972 again the bringing in record of The bend to Boss adjusted.

After these financially extremelyfilms accompanied by large difficult and discrepancies Bruce in its next film own ideas and opinions over the combat arts and the film making wanted to convert successful, nevertheless during the turning work. Thus the film script to The Way OF the Dragon developed.For this film, that and.A. in Rome , engaged he was turned the two carat world champions Chuck Norris and Bob barrier. The Dragon choreography ores of fights the of Bruce in Way OF should enter film history. Again Bruce with its new film broke, the 1972 alone in Hong Kong more thanfive million Hong Kong - dollar brought, all records in. Subsequently, it began with the turning work to Game OF Death. These were however interrupted and should be terminated never, there Bruce in the meantime for the main role in Enter the Dragon, one of Warner Brothers andGolden Harvest received prestigious had signed Chinese/American CO production. In February 1973 began in Hong Kong under the direction of Robert Clouse the turning work to Enter the Dragon, which Bruce Lee gave posthum the long-longed acknowledgment in Hollywood and to at the beginning of the seventies the world-wide „KungFu Craze “released. When Game OF Death came finally 1978 into the cinemas, he differed completely from Bruce Lees original concept, which admits only a few years ago became, when one regained this in the numerous documents Bruce Lees.

The turning work to Enter the Dragon tookBruce physically and psychologically so strongly in requirement that it in the afternoon 10. May 1973 on the courses that of golden Harvest Studios broke down. It was brought with difficulty in breathing and vibration cramps immediately in the hospital. After detailed investigation in Hong Kong and also in Los Angeles became followinga brain edema and a epileptischer accumulation diagnose.

After the regulation of various medicines Bruce and Linda turned calmed down to the turning work to Hong Kong back. Here Bruce wanted the still running post office Production to finish and then with its family to Los Angeles return. But in the evening of the 20. July 1973 was in-supplied Bruce again unconscious to the Queen Elizabeth hospital to Hong Kong. All attempts at revival of the there physicians were in vain. According to autopsy report and various medical appraisals Bruce Lee at the consequences of a brain swelling died, released by a allergische reaction to a given pain means. A newerAccording to investigation it could however at a spontaneous death during a epileptischen accumulation, with which heart and lung activity failed, died its.

The small Drache deceased at the age of 32 years. To 25. July 1973 gave it in Kowloon a solemn mourning ceremony, with which except relativesand closest friends also many star and film people were present, in order to prove Bruce Lee the last honour. Linda the coffin transferred few days after into the USA, where Bruce to 30. July 1973 was buried in Seattle at the Lake View Cemetery. Bruce Lee smoothed thatAway for many in the meantime famous Martial kind actors, like Jackie Chan, become , jet left, Donnie Yen, Steven Seagal, Jacky Wong and Jean Claude Van Damme.

To 28. April 1993, 20 years after its death, became Bruce Lee a star on the Hollywood millsOF Fame lent. On this day hundreds of humans met, in order to prove „to the King OF Kung Fu again “honour and gratitude: Widow Linda Lee Cadwell, daughter Shannon, brother Robert, Bob barrier, John Saxon, Jean Claude van Damme and Jacky W.

To 26. November 2005 becamein Mostar in at its 65. Birthday a statue of Bruce Lee reveals. It had been established on initiative of the Mostarer group of young people „urban movement Mostar “with financial support of the German culture donation of the federation. According to statement of the movement speaker Nino Raspudić the choice fell on the deceased Kung Fu - legend, because all could identify themselves with it. With the statue an indication is to be set against the ethnical tearing upness on the Balkans.


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motion picture films

Bruce Lee participated in more than 30 films. This list calls the probably most important with German and English title and the developing year.

  • Third in the background/Marlowe(1969)
  • The death fist of the Cheng Lee/bend to Boss (1971)
  • death greetings from Shanghai/Fist OF Fury (1972)
  • the death claw strikes again too/Way OF the Dragon (1972)
  • the man with the death claw/Enter the Dragon (1973)
  • Bruce Lee - my last fight/Game OF Death (1978)

remarkable is above all the latter. When Lee died, only few sequences were turned, among them the spectacular fight against Kareem Abdul Jabbar, a 2,18m large basketball professional. Robert Clouse made years after Lees death from it a complete film, by heseveral doubles and numerous chips from Lees older films used. For connoisseurs of the preceding films it is a special pleasure to recognize and assign these short outer cuts. Example: Robert barrier and a Bruce double face each other. One sees the double from the rear. Cut. The genuineBruce Lee (frontal admission) sets to a high footstep. Cut. Robert barrier is met by a foot in the face. There are several versions of this film, which is called also the play of death. In addition 27 years were found after its death new cutouts, thosein the documentary film Bruce Lee - the way of a fighter (A Warriors Journey) to see are.

The silent floods 1978 was filmed.

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