Bruce McCandless

Bruce McCandless
Bruce McCandless
country: The USA (NASA)
date selection: 4. April 1966
(5. Group of NASA)
Number of space flights: 2
start first space flight: 3. February 1984
landing last space flight: 29. April 1990
total period: 13d 0h 31min
number of EH: 2
total period EH: 12h 12min
of space flights:
separated: August 1990

Bruce McCandless II (* 8. June 1937 in bad clay/tone, Massachusetts) is a former US-American astronaut. It was first, which floated without safeguard line freely in space.

Bruce McCandless visited the High School in Long Beach, California and completed 1958 the US Navy academy in Annapolis, where he was secondarybetter from 899 graduates in his class. Subsequently, he in Pensacola and Kingsville were trained as the naval pilot. After conclusion in the year 1960 it served its training among other things on the aircraft carriers USS Forrestal and USS Enterprise. 1964 he worked occasionally than flight instructors in the navy.

McCandless applied at NASA and became to 4. April 1966 with 18 others than fifth group of astronauts presented.

At the moon flights of Apollo 10 and Apollo 11 in the year 1969 he worked as a connecting speaker (Capcom). To 6. August 1969 it was appointed into the support crew by Apollo 14 and worked during the flight of 31. January up to 9. February 1971 likewise as Capcom.

Its first nominating for a reserve crew received McCandless to 19. January 1972, as it the reserve pilot for the first Skylab crew (Skylab 2) was appointed. He was not used, and so the Apollo program ended, without it could complete a space flight.

McCandless changed to the space shuttle program and concentrated there on the development of a Raketentornisters (Manned Maneuvering unit, MMU), which should permit to move with space walks without safeguard line.

This equipment should with 10. Flight of the space shuttle to be for the first time used, and so also Bruce McCandless for its first space flight was nominated.

McCandless with EH during STS-41-B

McCandless started at the 3. February 1984 with the space shuttle Challenger to the mission STS-41-B. Together with Robert L. Stewart tested it the MMU, whereby McCandless to 7. February the first test flight undertook. Thus he was first humans, who floated completely freely in space. The landing of the space shuttle took place for the first time in the Kennedy space center in Florida.

McCandless undertook its second space flight in April 1990 with the space shuttle Discovery with the mission STS-31. Here the Hubble Weltraumteleskop was suspended.

McCandles left NASA to 31. August 1990 and worked later for Martin Marietta, which changed 1995 into the company Lockheed Martin.

Bruce McCandless is married and has two children: Bruce (*1961) and Tracy (*1963).

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