Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis (* 19. March 1955 as a walter Bruce Willis in Idar Oberstein, Rhineland-Palatinate) is US - an American actor.

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Bruce Willis (right)

Bruce Willis, the son of the German Marlene Willis from Kassel and an American soldier, spent its first two Lebensjahre in Germany, before it moved with its parents into the USA. Together with its three youngerBrothers and sisters, sister Flo and the brothers David (producer) and Robert, who died at the age of 42 years at pancreas cancer, it buildup in new jersey .

He gained its first experiences as actors to New Yorker theatres and as an actor inAdvertising spot. Starting from 1985 it played the main role in the detective series the Model and the Schnüffler, which were distinguished among other things with a Emmy and a one golden Globe. Besides it was active at this time as singers and received forits album The Return OF Bruno platinum.

Two co-operation with director Blake Edward followed, before it 1988 with cinema success die slowly the break-through succeeded. The role of the policeman John McClane, which obeys only its own rulesand always, was tailored Willis has a loose saying on the lips as on the body and made it the Actionfilm - for star.

Apart from die slowly 2 had Willis to center of the 90's-years only few commercial successes, which among other thingsalso to the fact it lay that he stands for it by roles in comedies like death well tried to loose-will its act ion image. 1994 were occupied Willis of Quentin Tarantino in Pulp Fiction and harvested for its representation of the Boxers Butch much critic praise. Itfurther Actionfilme followed such as Twelve Monkeys, Armageddon and the fifth element. Following these successes he dedicated with films such as The Sixth scythe strengthens to the drama category.

Apart from its film career Willis is also as theatre actor and a produceractively.

With the actress Demi of moorlands, with which he was married from 1987 to 2000, has Bruce Willis of three daughters: Rumer Glenn Willis (* 16. August 1988), designated after the British authoress Rumer Godden, Scout LaRue Willis (* 20.July 1991) designated after the main figure of the novel who disturbs the nightingale and Tallulah barks Willis (* 3. February 1994), designated after the actress Tallulah Bankhead. All three daughters are active since 1995 also before the camera, but onlyin films, in which parents along-play. Scout and Tallulah arose for the first time in the film the scarlet letter .


  • Bruce Willis is left-handed person and in former times due to the re-education on the right hand gestottert.
  • It wishes itselfmore children, would like to however never marry again.
  • While an appearance in Telafar, Iraq, he offered to the soldier, who seizes Saddam Hussein, 1 million dollar.
  • Willis is joint owner of the restaurant chain planet Hollywood and plays gladly harmonica.
  • Willis played in Play station play “Apocalypse” the main role.
  • After the terrorist attacks of the 11. September 2001 announced Willis, it wants never again in an act ion film to participate, had however this project relatively fast again to reject, there it already to 1995, after that 3. Partthat die slow - series, the contract for 4. Part had signed.
  • For attention Willis provided 2003, when he explained itself ready to pull as a soldier into the Iraq war which was however not possible, there he at this time alreadythe age limit of the US military had exceeded.
  • In an interview Willis at the beginning of clears up 2006 with the rumor, it is trailer of the Bush government. He is not a republican and hates governments. “We cannot affect our politicians. Those are interested a dirtfor us ", Willis stresses. In addition it justified itself for the fact that it endorsed the war in the Iraq: “I am not violent humans. But we live in a violent world. This country was developed on force. “


German synchronous voices

Ronald Nitschke to it into the Model and the Schnüffler, death borrowed stands for it well, blindly to DATE and Four Rooms its voice. In nearly all different of his films becomesit of Manfred Lehmann synchronizes. An exception thereby is that likewise very well-known synchronous speakers Thomas THEN mountain, which the synchronous work in the third part die slowly - row settled.


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