Negara Brunei Darussalam
Flagge Bruneis
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Wahlspruch: Brunei Darussalam
(Malaiisch for „Brunei, homeland of the peace “)

office language (n) Malaiisch
capital Bandar series Begawan
system of government absolutist Sultanate of
Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah
surface 5,770 km ²
number of inhabitants 372.361 (conditions July 2005)
population density of 64 inhabitants per km ²
gros domestic product/inhabitants approx. 24,000 US-$ (2004)
independence 1984
currency Brunei dollar
time belt UTC + 8
national anthem Ya Allah lanjutkan la usia Duli tuanku
Kfz characteristic BRU
Internet TLD .bn
preselection +673
Karte Asiens, Lage Bruneis hervorgehoben
Karte Bruneis

the Sultanate of Brunei (malaiisch: Brunei Darussalam) is a state in Asia. It lies on the island Borneo in the southChinese sea and borders on Malaysia.

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, the southChinese


Klimadiagramm Anduki (Brunei)
is located to 5 Web on the left of [work on

] geography climatic diagram Anduki (Brunei) turned at the north coast of the island. The surface of the national territory is split and complete from a river valley belonging to Malaysia from the Malaysian Federal State Sarawak enclosed. Brunei has thus only one neighbour, Malaysia.

The today's national territory of Brunei represents the remainder of a sultanate far larger in earlier times, that in former times (between that 16. and that 19. Century) roughly the complete north coast thatRule range of the Sultans of Brunei assigned.


mosque in Bandar series Begawan (BSB)

the bloom time of the sultanate of Brunei was appropriate for 15 between that. and that 17. Century, at that time extended its control over completely Borneo andthe southern Philippines. Whereupon one period of the decay, by domestic disputes around the succession to the throne, followed that the expansion of European colonial powers and Piraterie was accelerated. In the year 1888 Brunei fell under British protectorate.

The Sultan of the then protectorate Bruneiannounced to 29. September 1959 the first written condition of the country. This planned among other things the education per a legislative and a carrying out advice. Administratively a separation from Sarawak took place, so that both protectorates received one High Commissioner each.The competence for defense and foreign policy lay further in the hands of Great Britain.

At the 1. January 1984 took place independence from Great Britain, to 23. February 1984 ended British protectorate.

See also: Sabah (neighbouring states of Malaysia), list of the Sultanefrom Brunei

administrative arrangement

Brunei is divided into four administrative districts:


Bruneis economics profits to the State of one of the highest gross domestic products that from enormous gas fields and oil deposit , those Third world provided.

The gross domestic product per head amounted to 2004 approx. 24,000 US Dollar.

Brunei has its own airline, the Royal Brunei airlines

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coordinates: 4° 24 ' N, 114° 34 ' O


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