Bruno Hillebrand

Bruno Hillebrand (* 5. February 1935 in Düren) is a German literature scientist.

After the study of the literature, art and philosophy in Munich, Vienna and Berlin he attained a doctorate 1963 and habilitierte themselves in Munich 1969, since 1971 was he a professor for German literature in Mainz and since 1978 member of the academy of the sciences and the literature to Mainz. Its chief work areas are essay, lyric poetry and novel as well as the art term.


  • Surreale of verses. Poems. Frankfurt/Main (1966)
  • literature-scientific of works among other things: Artistik and order. To the art theory of Benn and Nietz. Munich (1966)
  • humans and area in the novel. Studies to cellar, founder, Fontane. Munich (1971)
  • material verses. Poems. Frankfurt/Main (1972)
  • seals gardens. Novel. Frankfurt/Main (1979)
  • theory of the novel. Telling strategies of the modern times (1980)
  • beyond the edge, poems (1982)
  • of the edge of desert. Poems. Frankfurt/Main (1985)
  • biography Gottfried Benn (1985)
  • aesthetics of the Nihilismus. From the romance to the modernism. Stuttgart (1991)
  • and legend to this instant. Poems from the years 1960 - 1985. Frankfurt/Main (1992)
  • of the curvature of the area. Poems. Frankfurt/Main (1992)
  • theory of the novel. Telling strategies of the modern times. Munich (1971); 3. , extended edition Munich (1993)
  • the instant is eternity: Goethe's relationship probably-kept at a moderate temperature at present (1997)
  • Nietz. How did the poets it see (2000)
  • which is art? Essay for seal in the age of the individualism Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht publishing house, Goettingen (2001)


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