Bruno LED DIN (* 17. February 1898 in Berlin; † 25. March 1951) was a German politician of the SPD.

After commercial teachings LED DIN was first from 1918 to 1925 of urban employees. It was subsequently, up to the prohibition of the trade unions 1933 trade union secretary with the German agricultural worker federation for the circle Stolp and Lauenburg. After the seizure of power of the national socialists it was expelled from Pommern, returned in the war however to Stolp .

1945 fled LED DIN to Hanover, where he was from 1947 at directors/conductors of the Sozialamtes. It was councillor in Hanover, member of the appointed federal state parliament and 1948 of Lower Saxony /49 of the economic council of the Bizone. The German Bundestag belonged it from the first election to the Bundestag 1949 up to its death. It represented the constituency Hanover - north in the parliament and was a chairman of the committee of the Bundestag for war victim and prisoner of war questions.

LED DIN was since 1918 Social Democrat and last member of the SPD Federal Administration.


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