Bruno Zevi

Bruno Zevi (* 22. January 1918 in Rome; † 9. January 2000 in Rome) was an Italian architect, architecture historian, an author and a university professor.

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Bruno Zevi, in Rome born Jew, made its Abitur for 1933 and decided architecture to study. Due to political conditions it moved 1938 to London and studied afterwards to the Architectural Association, went it into the USA. Bruno Zevi became pupil of walter Gropius to the Harvard University and made its conclusion to the Graduate School OF Design, before he returned 1943 to Europe and followed the anti-fascist resistance. 1944 it was Mitiniator the “l'Associazione by l'Architettura Organica (A.P.A.O.)”. After end of war 1948 he became a tidy professor for architectural history at the University of Venice (IUAV); it changed 1964 to the architecture faculty of the University of Rome. International attention found that 1984 accomplished “international architecture symposium “humans and area” to DOES Vienna, to beside Bruno the Zevi for example to Justus Dahinden, Dennis Sharp, Pierre Vago, Jorge Glusberg, Otto cape finger, freely Otto, Paolo Soleri, Ernst Gisel, Ionel light among other things participated.

It was one the internationally recognized architecture historian and architecture authors. In particular it was occupied as a scientist and professor with Erich Mendelsohn and franc Lloyd WRIGHT. It wrote a weekly column from 1954 to 2000 in the newspapers “Cronache” and “L'Espresso”. 1955 it created its own magazine “Cronache architettura”, up to its death existed. Its book “Verso un'architettura organica” was published in 15 languages.

In and the seventies sixties became he as well as colleagues such as Paolo Portoghesi often a goal of architecture-theoretical attacks, in particular by Manfredo Tafuri. Zevi had a Architekturphilosphie based on the old Italian building cultures. Special attention receive the library in Dogliani (1962-1963), built by Bruno Zevi, and the Italian pavilion of the world exhibition in Brussels (1967).

Bruno Zevi received numerous honors, for example honour doctorates of the University of Buenos Aires, University OF Michigan RK Ann Arbor and the University of Haifa. It was honour member of the British “Royal of institutes OF British Architects (RIBA)” and the “American of institutes OF Architects (AIA)”. Zevi was Secretary-General and late vice-president of the Italian “Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica (INU)” as well as Emeritus of the “Critiques d'Architecture (CICA)” (1965-77). Zevi was time life political humans and was from 1978 to 1988 member of the Italian parliament. It was international professor of many years “of the Academy OF Architects” (IAA) in Sofia.

Bruno Zevi died with 81 years at the consequences of a flu in its house in Rome.


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