of these articles describes the shoe model Budapester. For the inhabitants of the Hungarian capital, see Budapest.

With Budapester a classical gentleman shoe model is marked.

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from where the designation Budapester comes or who did not use it for the first time is delivered. Fact is that this shoe model exhibits and in Budapest is manufactured typical Eastern European characteristics. Supposed thus the model name is to be due to the origin of the shoe in the Hungarian metropolis. There one by the way calls this shoe Carlsbad ones.


of the Budapester is characterised by the sum of the following characteristics:

  • on a broad, relatively straight borders manufactured
  • the borders/shoe shows a high („raised ") and relatively broadly rounded point
  • zwiegenähte design
  • double sole
  • Derby - Schaftschnitt (open Schnürung)
  • Fullbrogue - hole ornament

of specialists stress due to the model-typical similarity with the Fullbrogue as main identifiers of the Budapesters the unmistakable border form (one speaks in this connection also of the Budapester borders).


danger of mistake generally linguistic usage of laymen Fullbrogues in the crude parallel cut are called Budapester. The Budapester is in the profile on the basis its high shoe point well from the Fullbrogue to to differentiate (completely apart from the fact that also the other characteristics mentioned belong to this model).


in Germany gives it a well-known German manufacturer of Budapestern: The Bietigheimer company Heinrich Dinkelacker [1], which manufactures the shoes in manual work with own coworkers in Budapest. Likewise a far well-known shoe manufacturer of this classical gentleman shoe model is the Hungarian company László Vass [2].


of the Budapester is a pure gentleman shoe. Due to its altogether quite klobig working form, he is suitable not for kleinwüchsige men, but is optically good an ideal (there also high loads more grown) shoe with heavyweighty and large men the harmony ore. The hole ornaments (Broguings), like also the Zwienaht above the sole give a certain sporty, partly rustikale note to this model. Therefore the Budapester is rather a shoe fitting the combination with Jeans and Cord, as to the business suit.


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