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Buju Banton, with civil name Mark of Anthony Myrie (* 15. July 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica) one counts, beside Sizzla and Capleton to the important voices of the Jamaican music into the 1990er years. Under its artist name Buju Banton it became a well-known Reggae - thank resounding and/or. Ragga - singers.

Banton grew as the youngest of 15 children (13 sisters, 1 brother) in oneExternal quarter of Kingston up, the Slum salt Lane. The pointed name Buju (in the Maroonsprache: ) He got bread fruit from his nut/mother, because he was somewhat roundish in his youth; the surname Banton comes from a Jugendidol, the DJ Burro Banton. A further pointed name Bantonsis Gargamel.


1985 - 1991: Buju Banton

under the name Lambada one had the beginnings already at the age of twelve years first public appearances as DeeJay, which chattet in the Dancehalls over different photographs. Tonto Irie placesit little late Robert French forwards, on whose label 1986 the Debutsingle The Ruler produced by it appears. In the year after, 1987, work it then first with talk Dragon and Bunny Lee, later also with vienna clay/tone Riley and produces on different Kingstoner label severalSingels.
An important role plays then a meeting with Dave Kelly, which was Studioengineer at that time with Donovan Germaine s Penthouse Studio. From this co-operation Bantons first large Singles develop such as Love ME Browning and late Women Nuh Fret, Batty Rider and Bogle thanks. With Love ME Browning, a song, which lends Bantons preference white women in relation to expression, developed in self-confident Jamaica for the first time a controversy discussion over Bantons of texts.

1991 - 1995: The debut album Stamina

Daddy (1991) followed success and controversy on it and Mr. Mention, which likewise appeared in the year 1992 with Penthouse and in Jamaica all sales records and even Bob Marleys sales figures exceeded. The Tune boom Bye Bye present at the album, in which it means:

The world is into trouble
Anytime Buju Banton come
Batty boy GET UP and run
ah gunshot in ah head one
Tell that crew… it's like
boom bye bye, in A batty boy head,
Rude boy NO promote near nasty one,
them hafi DEAD.

Batty Boy is a mode of expression of the Jamaican Kreolsprache (Patois), which describes a homosexual man. In boom Bye Bye demands Banton thus the proper execution (shot into the head) of homosexual humans. Even in recent time, than admits planned concerts in Germany became, it came to protests, concert refusals and a Kampangne against hate texts the LSVD. Also after pressure of its label excused Banton for this text and killer and Beenie one did not join the list of the authors of homophober Lyrics beside for example Bounty.
In consequence its engaged itself Banton however for the use ofCondoms. An appropriate Tune is with Willy Don't Silly then also on that 1993 on Mercury published Longplayer Voice OF Jamaica, with its appearance also the donation Willy in the life, which worries about HIV positives of children. Until 1995 its next album Till Shilo appears, possesses already Banton its own label named Gargamel and its own Aufnahmestudio.

1995 - today: The change

often on the death of a close friend Bantons, which died 1995 with a shooting, changed itself Banton following of the young artistwith offensive texts to an admitting Rastafari, which turned away in its songs from Slackness and Ganjalyrics and increasingly sprituelle and social circumstances brings up for discussion. This transformation manifests itself already in the same year, in that the album 'Til Shiloh with processing the directly the incidentTune Murderer appears. Regardless of its Buju Banton until today is an artist with a far spectrum, who also still still Dancehallriddims besingt.
Furthermore still the subsequent album is Inna heights, which is published 1997 and among other things a Homage at Bob Marley contains,worth mentioning. 2003 appear the album Friends for would run.

However Buju Banton to today over above all boom Bye Bye cannot completely extract itself from the controversy, since he by-forms further partial homophobe texts regardless of different protests in Jamaica. In addition it is accused of, further energeticallyto intervene in those its opinion after by the religion justified discrimination of homosexual men.[1] (EN)
there it its participation and partial responsibility in this incident further abstreitet, last the negotiations still on (October '05). Safe it is however that these accusations the reputation Bantons above allin the western world were partly detrimental and are, although he enjoys in Jamaica with his religiously motivated trailers of further largest popularity.[2] (EN)
In addition after vehement protests of German organizations half of the dates in Germany, set for 2004, was called off.

Work on []


  • 2004 - Buju and Friends
  • 2003 - Friends For would run
  • 2002 - Want It
  • 2002 - The Voice OF Jamaica (Expanded)
  • 2002 - The Best OF Buju Banton
  • 2002 - It's universe Over
  • 2001 - Ultimate Collection
  • 2001 - live one in Panama
  • 2001- The Early Years (90-95)
  • 2000 - Unchained mirror-image-guessed/advised
  • 2000 - live one RK buzzer Jam (no official release)
  • 2000 - Flames OF Freedom
  • 2000 - Dubbing with the Banton
  • 1998 - Quick
  • 1997 - Inna Heights
  • 1997 - Rudeboys Inna Ghetto with Posse
  • 1997- Chanting down The of barrier OF Babylon with Anthony B
  • 1995 - 'Til Shilo
  • 1993 - Voice OF Jamaica
  • 1992 - Mr. Mention
  • 1991 - Stamina Daddy

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