Karte der Demokratischen Republik Kongo

Bukavu, to the Belgian colonial ages Costermansville, is a city in the east of the democratic Republic of the Congo on the southwest bank of the Kivusees.

It is at the same time the capital of the province south Kivu and has 225,431 inhabitants (conditions 1. January 2005), with approximately again so many humans in the surrounding suburbs.


in the year 2004 was the city scene of bloody arguments between government troops and militias.


it gives in Bukavu a medicament factory to the company Pharmakina, who against malaria ( Chinin) and AIDS ( the Generikum Afri four ) manufactures medicines and 740 firm and approximately 1000 free coworkers employed to time (2005). Pharmakina is thereby the largest employer of the city.
Coordinates: 2° 31 ' S. Break, 28° 51 ' o. L.


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