Federation suitor democrat

the federation suitor democrat (BFD) was a Wahlbündnis of liberal parties in the former GDR. It originated in in the apron of the first free people chamber choice to 12. February 1990. Member parties were the former coalition LDPD, the German forum party (DFP) and the F.D.P. the GDR. Similarly as the conservative Wahlbündnis alliance for Germany (AFD) expected the BFD by a bundling of the civil liberals of forces better chances with the people chamber choice 1990. Contrary to the alliance the parties of the federation suitor democrat began not individually, but with a common list to the choice. During the election campaign became the BFD of the West German F.D.P. supported.

On the choice day (18. March 1990) reached the federation suitor democrat liberal 5.3% and received altogether 21 seats. Its by far best result reached the BFD with 10,0% in the district resounds, the homeland Hans Dietrich Genscher. The parties of the BFD took part afterwards at the last GDR government under Lothar de Maizière. The BFD placed two Ministers in the government of the GDR with Manfred of price and Axel Viehweger. These remained also after the termination of the coalition by the BFD to 24. July further in the office.

To 27. March 1990 joined the former coalition NDPD the federation suitor democrat. At the 11. The parties of the BFD with the West German liberals united August 1990 to the all-German FDP.

After the entry of the GDR to the Federal Republic the east liberals were by Rainer locallive in the Federal Government represented.


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