Federal pay regulation

the federal pay regulation (BBesO) regulates paying of officials to make supplementing regulations by national pay regulations judges and soldiers of the federation and the countries, whereby it is reserved the countries, (z. B. for offices in the federal pay regulation do not occur).

The federal pay regulation is part of the federal pay law.

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pay regulations

it gives the pay regulations A, B, C, R and W.

pay regulations A and B

the pay regulations A and B apply to an official, soldier on time and career soldier, as far as them not when public prosecutor or university teachers is active. The pay regulation A covers the salary brackets a2 to A 16. The salaries of these groups rise with the length of service on (donkey bridge: A UF-paste-ends salary brackets).

The pay regulation B covers the salary brackets B 1 to B 11. These salaries rise not, but apply independently of the length of service (firm salary brackets).

pay regulation C

the pay regulation C applies to university teachers (professors, scientific assistants and university lecturers) and covers the salary brackets c1 to C 4. The salary brackets c1 and C 2 are ascending salary brackets. The salary brackets C 3 and C 4 correspond to the salary bracket A 13 and/or. A 14. The pay regulation C was replaced by the pay regulation W. Who is arranged already in an office of the pay regulation C, can change either voluntarily into the pay regulation W or remain in the pay regulation C. The countries could specify a deadline, up to which in this pay regulation could be arranged. Afterwards could be only classified under the pay regulation W. Last possible deadline was the 1. January 2005.

pay regulation R

the pay regulation R applies to judges and state lawyers and covers the salary brackets g 1 to R 10. The salary brackets g 1 and R 2 are ascending salary brackets.

pay regulation W

after the professor paying reform law applies the pay regulation W to university teachers (professors, scientific assistants and university lecturers) and covers the salary brackets W 1 to W3.

The firm Grunggehälter of the salary brackets W 2 and 3 is added achievement purchases, those

  • from cause of Berufungs-und lodging negotiations
  • for special achievements into research, teachings, further training art and promotion of young people
  • or for the assumption of functions in the academic autonomy (e.g. Dekan, pro rector etc.)

to be assigned know. W1 is reserved the junior professors. Here there are no achievement purchases, however the payment is increased after positive intermediate evaluation.


are national pay regulations in some national pay regulations of it deviating pay regulations (e.g. in Baden-Wuerttemberg AH for physicians and engineers at universities), which however, just as the pay regulation C, only with the past office holders to become further related to be allowed. The countries may yield new offices only after the pay regulations A, B, R and W.

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