Federal highway 6

Bundesstraße 6
base data
overall length: xxx km
of Lands of the Federal Republic: Lower Saxony,

the federal highway 6 (abbreviation: B 6) leads from the North Sea Coast in southeast direction by the Lands of the Federal Republic Lower Saxony, Bremen, Saxonia-Anhalt and Saxonia to the Polish border.

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Cuxhaven - Bremerhaven (to Bremen replaces 27 by BAB) - Bremen - Syke - Bruchhausen Vilsen - Asendorf - Wietzen - Nienburg (Weser) - new city at carrot mountains - Garbsen - the Hanover (West high-speed way with emperor fork, south high-speed way, fair high-speed way) - Laatzen - Sarstedt - Hildesheim - salt lattice - Goslar - who Niger desert - bright castle (resin) - Quedlinburg - ashtray lives - resounds - Leipzig - to spices - Oschatz - Meissen - Dresden - Bischofswerda - Bautzen - Löbau - Görlitz

in the center of bright castle (resin) meets the B6 the B81, which leads from Netzkater in the resin (B4) to Magdeburg and to the A14.

Verlauf der ehemaligen Reichsstraße 6
Process of the former realm road 6


the former realm road 6 led from Görlitzout further over deer mountain and Schweidnitz until Breslau and from there out over oil up to the Polish border at that time with largely waiting mountain.

Between Leipzig and Görlitz the federal highway 6 follows (with exception of the elbow over Meissen, Dresden and Bischofswerda) the historical process to a large extentthe via Regia.

In the GDR the B6 trunk road 6 (F6) was called.

current development

the distance is vierspurig developed between new city to carrot mountains and Hanover, starting from at the end of of 2008 should B 6 also from Nienburg to new city be vierspurig. Between Goslarand (BAB 14) east of ashtray lives at present a new federal highway 6 develops. This was as north resin motorway (BAB 36) in planning, however as vierspurige federal highway is built, sees federal highway 6n.

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