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of these articles is concerned with the federal center for political education (shortened bpb, rare BpB), one in the federal city Bonn resident, the Federal Ministry of the inside subordinated institution, which came out 1963 from the 1952 created federal center for homeland service.

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order of the federal center for political education is it to support all interested citizens and citizens to be concerned with politics.It is to promote understanding for political circumstances, which strengthen democratic consciousness and which strengthen readiness for the political cooperation. Their tasks for 21. Century, and the tasks of the national centers for political education, were held 1997 in the resident of Munich communist manifesto.


forerunner of the federal centerwas the federal center for homeland service.

In order to oppose the RH-Education specifically German emphasis, after three-year discussion 1952 the federal center for homeland service after the model of the realm center for homeland service - had occasionally sat in their Kuratorium Joseph Goebbels - was created. Was activated this discussion of Hans Globke, by setting the rumor into the world, which allied wanted by means of the” institute for the promotion of public affairs “an education center to furnish. With the westallied connected Institut however his anticommunist adjustment. Anticommunist LV ideology strategists such as Gerhard of Mende coined/shaped Institut,Channel politics praktisierte, in order to be noticeable not even as Propagandainstitut. Important partners for this politics were the anticommunist combat team against inhumanity, the committee of inquiry of liberal lawyers and the national union for peace and liberty. This national union became of the LV writer Jürgen cock Butry and a LV film script authorthe anti-Semitic rushing film” the eternal Jew “Eberhard deaf ore based.

1963 were umgenannt the mechanism in federal center for political education, which celebrated 2002 its 50jähriges existence. Mende recruited with the center for the establishment stramm of the anticommunist Ostkollegs, 1956 realized was and today East west Kolleg is called. ” Exposed communism “titelt at that time at schools spread and from the federal center carried and financially supported brochure, which serves long time of the anti- Antifa and its preparatory work as model, in order to make against alleged „left-wing extremism “and „link fascism “of neo-Nazi tables propaganda. Well-known example for this is those„Left unmasks “- Website of the author „of the fascism club “ Hans Helmuth Knütter, nevertheless the member of the scientific adviser of the federal center for political formation (BpB) from 1985 to 1990 was and until at the same time 1994 an adviser for the Federal Ministry of the Interior. After the same collecting main Nazi alliance organizations work as those„Democracy direct “- consisting of REPs, national one resistance among other things - in their organs under the column „left unmasked the “black lists of their opponents lead.

The history of the institute is so far hardly investigated. 2003 led the Politikwissenschaftlerin Gudrun Hentges and the University of Cologne firstResearch project through: The “federal center for homeland service” and/or. “Federal center for political education” in the area of conflict between propaganda, public work and political education.

emphasis of the work

around these tasks to follow, it works with three emphasis:

  1. Publications
  2. own seminars
  3. promotion of the seminars of recognized education carriers


two of the most well-known appearing regular publications bpb are the information for political education and the weekly newspaper the parliament with the supplement from politics and contemporary history.

The information for political education dedicates itself in each expenditure topic tables to an emphasis (e.g. Federalism, European union, Israel). This is generally comprehensibly regenerated through with the subject scientist trusted. The magazine is to be referred free of charge.

The weekly newspaper the parliament serves first the documentation of current debates in the Bundestag as well as in the Upper House of Parliament. The pure documentation of the speeches is in the meantime in favor ofthe reporting stepped into the background. In the meeting-free time expenditures with main topics appear. In the supplement from politics and contemporary history appear four to six specializedscientific essays to a topic. Thus the federal center offers in particular a forum to the political science and the sociology for spreading more againResearch realizations. The newspaper with supplement is sold against small subscription fees.

With the series of publications the federal center finally offers and anthologies to Monographien for politics-scientific, time-historical, sociological and economic topics. These become against a small lump sum (z.Zt. 2€) delivered.

The topic field bpb is enough thereby from historicalInformation booklets over the social problems of the industrialization in 19. Century up to current publications to topics like the Internet culture, Islam, globalization and free software. The largest part of the made available information can be called up also in the WWW.

own seminars

With their seminars and study travels the federal center particularly turns to multiplicators of the political education.

promotion of recognized education carriers

around political education surface covering and economically in the whole Federal Republic of Germany to ensure, promotes the federal center meetings of more than 300 recognized educational facilities,Donations and government-independent organizations. The mechanisms for each participant of a promotable measure receive a pro head subsidy, which is to be used directly for the lowering of the seminar fee.

Are excluded from the promotion and. A. Measures, which are to bind the participants to the political will of an individual party.

Thomas Krüger Hans Helmuth Knütter

Eberhard deaf ore Günter


  • Benedikt Widmaier: The federal center for political education. A contribution for the history of national political education in the Federal Republic of Germany, ISBN 3820411224

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