Office for castle count

Südtirol mit dem markierten Burggrafenamt
South Tyrol with the marked office for castle count

as office for castle count (ital. Burgraviato), becomes the Etschtal - section between Naturns and Bozen in South Tyrol (Italy) mark. It was already in the Middle Ages a uniform administrative district and formed the central area of the historical Tirol. The name receivedit however not due to the high density at castles and locks, but since the district was subordinate directly to the castle count to Tirol.

district community office for castle count

the district community office for castle count was created 1971 as federation of 23 municipalities. 1973 stepped still the municipalities Partschins, Plaus and Naturns and finally 1986 the city Meran. Thus the district community covers today the municipalities of the valley boiler from Nals to Naturns, the side valleys of passport eggs and Ulten, the high plateau of Tisens, those on south animal oiler side convenient municipalities of the Nonstales as well asthe municipalities of the Tschöggelberges Hafling and in front.

The 26 attached municipalities cover an area of 1.101 km ² with approx. 88,300 inhabitants. The principal place is the city Meran.

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