Bushido (RWSby)

Bushido (civil: Anise Mohammed Yussuf Ferchichi; * 28. September 1978), also admits Sonny Black under the alias, is GermanTunisian RWSby from Berlin, whose style leans against the American Gangsta RAP.

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lives and career

the artist name “Bushido” was taken from the Japanese and means way of the Kriegers (see Bushidō). Its German nut/mother did not pull it alone largely, to his Tunisian father had he a contact. Bushido buildup in Berlin Tempelhof and visited the High School, which he however due to vocational interests after the 11. Class left.

Because of various offences against the beta exercise central law and damage Bushido was placed from the court before the choice to make nationally promoted training as the painter and Lackierer or go into the youth prison. In the context of this training Bushido became acquainted with also its later Kollabo partner and label colleague Fler . To the Hip Hop Bushido came over Graffiti, where he painted fox of pictures under the alias. Finally he came by his circle of acquaintances also to the RAP.

Together with King Orgasmus took up the three under the name 030 a Tape and sold it in small number of items in the circle of acquaintances. Bushidos first publication is on the gynecologist Tape with King Orgasmus for I luffs Money record from 2000 to to find. It published a little later its first own Tape King OF Kingz, which finally led to its change to the label Aggro Berlin, where he worked with Sido , B-Tight and Fler together. The album was published 2003 with Aggro Berlin as digitally revised version and again-published after the establishment of its own label Ersguterjunge 2004 under the title King OF Kingz 2004 edition with 4 Remixen. Due to the indexing of King OF Kingz, which 2005 followed, became the Tape as defused version inclusive Demotape under the title King OF KingZ & Demotape - extended version in digital form publishes again. 2002 appeared under its alias Sonny Black Carlo, Cokxxx, Nutten, in whom also Fler participated as franc White. Also “it produced Carlo Cokxx using II” under this alias.

Due to existing artistic differences regarding the further solo career of the artist Bushido in the summer left 2004 Aggro Berlin and by Urban/universal music under contract was taken, with which he created the label Ersguterjunge. In the middle of 2004 it produced chapel Rammstein a Remix their Songs America together with Ilan on behalf the new German hardness -. In October 2004 Bushido published Electro Ghetto, which reached the sixth place of the German Albumcharts with universal the LP. Already to 4. April 2005 followed under Bushidos age Ego Sonny Black with Carlo Cokxxx using II the fourth LP within two and a half years. This time Bushido of Baba Saad instead of its earlier partner Fler was supported.

In the winter 2004/2005 Bushido played a main role in the “Beef “around Eko Fresh and took up in the course its these TRACK “FLERräter” against its former crew partner Fler. To 4. November 2005 appeared Bushidos album public enemy No. 1. In the meantime he removed his label and gesignt many new Acts, so that he in February 2006 its label Sampler “Nemesis of volume. 1 " releaste.


Bushido is accused in the media quite often nationalistic and racistic contents and distance lacking from right-wing extremist fan. Its trailers refer in contrast to this to Bushidos origin or its co-operation with artists such as Azad, Eko Fresh and Cassandra standing. In interviews Bushido points any right-wing extremist convicition from itself.

Frequent matter for discussion around Bushido also again and again are contents, which are interpreted as gay and woman-despising. For example Bounce is the disparaging thing “ uses “the most frequently used word at all in the Song uses. On demand Bushido, it explained my thereby not wives generally, but only „genuine Schlampen “like Groupies.

Passages in the text like „a tail into the ass, a tail into the mouth. A tail into the Fotze, now is rated correctly gebumst “from the Song indicated meanwhile course-fears for glorifizieren course-fears for as Sexualpraktik and of opponents as sexistisch or even as request for rape. In November 2005 there was headlines, when Bushido in an interview implemented, Paris Hilton is simple for it “in this connection again so'n stupid piece meat”, which he would have gladly once “for the sex act”: “degrade and then tschüss. ”

The federal inspection station for youth-endangering writings estimates individual Songs of Bushido as youth-endangering. Supporters point out against the fact that Bushido of insult words “uses” like “Schwuchtel” and not overall for the reduction of certain subpopulations uses, but these terms in its Slang as offense for everything and everyone, man or Mrs., Homo or heterosexually, was taken, with which Bushido would not be a special exception there the whole Pimp - culture such minorities linguistically explicitly diffamiert.

Bushido extracts itself hope from the stereotyped from the dull/musty gangster by more sensitive Songs such as butterfly, partly dies last, like an angel or sees into my eyes. In the TRACK instant argues Bushido with the loss of its large love, which is appropriate in coma. Also on the current Sampler songs are like this, to all in front on the search with Saad.

Reproaches of the bodily injury

Bushido became at the 3. August 2005 taken in Linz (Austria) in remand. It accused, together with two his bodyguard a 20 years old man to have together-struck, because these zerstochen groundlessly the tires of its rented 7er BMW to have are.

The process before the national court for criminal actions Linz found to 4. November 2005 instead of. The exact course of events of the events could not be cleared up. After Bushido had taken the responsibility for the fight, the procedure ended with a Diversion against payment of 20.000 euro to the treasury. The victim kept a partial smart money at a value of 1.000 euro awarded.

Alleged adverse remarks Bushidos over the city Linz in a process report German magazine of the mirrors („hard such as Nutella “, expenditure 45/2005 [1]) released violent protests among other things the Linzer of mayor Franz Dobusch . The statements in the article about Linz came however not from Bushido, but from the mirror author, who defended them as its “free journalistic exaggeration”.

By the process it became public that Bushido is married for several years, which he however to 20. December 2005 with VIVA live one disclaimed.



  • 1999: Demotape (unpublished)
  • 2001: King OF KingZ (indicated)
  • 2002: Carlo, Cokxxx, Nutten, as Sonny Black with Fler aka franc White
  • 2003: King OF KingZ [digitally rem-branch-talk version] (indicated)
  • 2003: Demotape 1999 (first CD publication of the Demotapes in limited edition of 300 pieces)
  • 2003: From the curb to the Skyline (indicated)
  • 2004: King OF KingZ 2004 edition (indicated)
  • 2004: Electro Ghetto (indicated)
  • 2005: Carlo Cokxxx using 2, as Sonny Black with Saad
  • 2005: King OF KingZ & Demotape - extended version
  • 2005: Public enemy No. 1
  • 2005: Electro Ghetto (Limited purely edition)
  • 2005: Electro Ghetto (RH release)
  • 2006: Ersguterjunge Sampler (Vol.1) “Nemesis”

Singles and other publications

  • 2002: Aggro Berlin - announcement No. 1 (Labelsampler, represent with some TRACKs)
  • 2003: Aggro Berlin - announcement No. 2 (Labelsampler, represent with some TRACKs) (indicated)
  • 2003: At night (single)
  • 2003: Commonly like 10 (single)
  • 2003: Aggro Berlin - announcement No. 3 (Labelsampler, represent with some TRACKs) (indicated)
  • 2004: In the middle in the face (pro MON rack in the Electro Ghetto Player)
  • 2004: Electro Ghetto (single)
  • 2004: Never again (single)
  • 2005: Hope dies last (single, together with Cassandra standing)
  • 2005: FLERräter (Freetrack with Eko Fresh, Fler Diss)
  • 2005: Never RWSby (single, feat. Saad)
  • 2005: Worldwide (feature TRACKs, Strapt & Bushido)
  • 2005: Final opponent/public enemy Nr.1 (single)
  • 2005: Instant (single)


  • echo 2006 in the category „Best live act national “

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