Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas
Caesars Palace in read Vegas

the Caesars Palace is a hotel in read Vegas, Nevada, the USA. It is established in the style of an antique Roman palace.

The luxuriöse hotel to read Vegas boulevard possesses 2,418 guest rooms and Suiten (conditions 2004). Columns, statues and Wasser-Fontänen coin/shape the appearance. The play casino integrated in the hotel occupies a surface by approximately 12,000 square meters. The forum Shops, a large shopping centre with exclusive business, and a swimming pool - range with many columns and marble belong to the complex.

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the hotel with attached casino, planned by Jay Samo, became to 5. August 1966 opens. The name deduces itself from Julius Caesar , the ruler antique Rome, and is its splendour to reflect.

In the course of the years the hotel was converted several times and extended.

To 17. October 1981 and/or. to 25. September 1982 took place on the parking lot area of the Grand Prix of the USA . Winners of the formula 1 running were Alain Jones (1981) as well as Michele Alboreto (1982). Since the parking lot of the Caesars Palace was very uneven, the Grand Prix found only 2 times in read Vegas. At present to align considers the Grand Prix of the USA in the year 2007 again in read Vegas, then however to the Casinomeile (conditions at the beginning of of 2006).

The Caesars Palace was into the 1980er years venue of many famous Box-Kämpfe, before it was converted into the 1990er years from a pure casino hotel to a family-friendly maintenance complex. All large hotels have this transformation in read Vegas gone through. Also today however still Boxkämpfe take place, particularly in the exterior installation “Thomas's and Mack arena”.

2003 were opened the Colosseum, modern theatre building also over 4000 seats, which in Rome is shared to the Kolosseum.

Many artists gastiert in the course of the years in the Caesars Palace, for example Liberace and David Copperfield. Since March 2003 alternating Céline Dion and Elton John stand on the stage of the Colosseum. For the Pussycat Dolls recently the Pussycat Dolls Lounge one opened, in which they also arise.

In the year 2005 the French 3-Sterne-Koch Guy Savoy wants to open a restaurant in the Caesars Palace. The new building of a hotel tower with more than 900 rooms, high over 100 meters, is to be finished in the same year and the number of guest rooms in the Caesars Palace to over 3300 will increase.

ownership structure

after several owner changes the Caesars Palace belongs in the year 2004 to Caesars Entertainment, Inc. (until 2003 park Place Entertainment corporation), a company with 55.000 coworkers, which maintains scarcely 30 hotel casinos world-wide.

In read Vegas belong among other things the hotels Bally' s, flamingo and hotel Paris read Vegas to the enterprise. There is further Caesars hotel in the United States, for example in Atlantic town center, new jersey.

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