of these articles is occupied with the French city; to Calais, son of the Boreas, see Kalais; the American cities with same name are Calais (Maine) and Calais (Vermont).
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Base data
region: North Pas de Calais
Département: Pas de Calais (Sous Préfecture)
Arrondissement: Calais
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 50° 57 ′ 10 " N, 1° 51 ′ 32 " O
50° 57 ′ 10 " N, 1° 51 ′ 32 " O
surface: 33.5 km ²
inhabitants: 75.000 (31. December 2003)
Population density: 2,239 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 10 m and. NN
postal zip codes: F-62100
Preselection: 0033-3
Kfz characteristics: 62
code INSEE: 62193
city arrangement: ?
of the city administration:
F-62100 Calais
official Website:
E-Mail address:
Maire: Jacky Hénin (selected 2001 - 2007), MdEP (KPF)

Calais (ndl. - fläm.: Kales) is a port in the north of France. German twin city is Duisburg.

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geographical situation


Calais (German: Kales) is to the French coast because of that at the English Channel (frz. la some), only 34 km (21 mi) of the south coast of England. With good view one can recognize the chalk rock of Dover. The place is largestCity, but not prefecture of the Départements 62, Pas de Calais and beside Boulogne the most important port for the navigation with England. In the proximity the French portal lies to the canal tunnel in Coquelles /Sangatte. Calais is center of the tourism region opal coast (frz. Côte d'Opale).


To 7. January 1558 arrived to Calais from the English, originally normannischen possession into the French. Calais was the last bastion of England connected with the motherland.

In the Second World War Calais was only bombarded later by the Air Force and by the allied ones; a reconstruction of the historicalCity center in considerable measure did not take place.

Historical map (around 1888)

culture and objects of interest


Musée Beaux kinds et de la Dentelle: Exhibition to the urban history.

The Musée de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale (war museum) faces the city hall andhas exhibits at present occupation 1940-1944.


at the place before the city hall stands an impressive copy of the monument Les Bourgeois de Calais (“the citizens of Calais”) of Augusts Rodin. It was established 1895.

The city hall became from 1910 until 1922 in the style of the flämischen Renaissance build.

The lighthouse offers a good view of the port (frz. Phare, builds 1848, 50 m).

economics and infrastructure

Calais registers as port and starting point to channel crossings annually 30 million Durchreisende. Into thatmany jobs were lost to last decades in the ranges fishery , textile industry and navigation. Unemployment is at 15%. By tourists from England, who booze profits cruisers, who buy cheaply alcohol and cigarettes, the tunnel terminals by sing-corroded, an enormous purchase complex beside thatEuro tunnel.


Calais is the largest passenger port of Europe. The sea port is in the north of the city because of the road of Dover. Most that daily 60 driving connections (Sea France, P&O) connect Calais with Dover. 3 million LKWstranslate annually here.

East the main port are there the Hoverport for the Hovercraft - boats, which cross the channel in 30 min. This connection was stopped however in the year 2000.

The motorway A 26 connects Calais with Paris (295 km). Southeast the city crosses thoseA 26 the coastal motorway A 16, which leads in the west after Boulogne (36 km) and in the east to Belgium.


of sons and daughters of the city

was attributed

other as meters still to the mass of the earth, was based it on the distance between Calais and Perpignan. This is approximately the longestNorth south expansion of France.

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