Caldera (Chile)

Caldera is a port in the small north of Chile in the Región de Atacama. It has 14,000 inhabitants (conditions: 2003).

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Geografie and climate

Caldera is appropriate for about 75 km to the west of Copiapó at the Pacific.

The climate is quite drying, due to the proximity to the Atacama - desert.


Lokomotora Copiapó, first railway in Chile, 1851-1860

1687 reached the Englishman Edward Davis the Playa Bahia Inglesa (translated: English beach) at the coast about 6 km von Caldera far away, 1840 visited Englishman William Wheelwright of the Pacific Steam navigation company the area around Caldera. On its suggestion the first railroad line developed in the year 1851 from Copiapó to Caldera. Caldera became the important port of exportation of ores.

The city became official to 23. September 1850 based.

The city was afflicted frequently by heavy earthquakes and Tsunamis, last quake was 1868, 1877 and 1922.

objects of interest

of trip goals are the church San Vicente de Paul of 1862 and the Padre Negro Grotte. The Grotte of 1978 was out-arranged by the Pater Velasquez with Biblical motives. The Playa Bahia Inglesa is a wonderful edge of bathing.

north the Pan de Azucar (national park) with wet forests and Humboldt penguins is appropriate for 30 km.


the city lives mainly on the copper mining industry and on the cultivation of Zitrusfrüchten, which are shipped over the port. Fishing and tourism play likewise an important role. The wonderful beaches attract many visitors.

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coordinates: 27° 4 ′ 0 " S, 70° 49 ′ 60 " W


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