Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge (* 4. July 1872 in Plymouth Notch, Vermont; † 5. January 1933 in Northampton (Massachusetts)) US vice-president was 4. March 1921 - 2. August 1923 and 30. President of the United States of America (the USA) 3. August 1923 - 3. March 1929.

Calvin Coolidge

Coolidge, before its change to the federal politics from 1919 to 1920 governor of the State of Massachusetts, came as a vice-president with the death of its president Warren G. Harding in the office; the office oath it could be decreased immediately from his father (a former notary), when it experienced during an attendance with its parents of Hardings death. It ascended fast to one of the most popular presidents. Not the innovation of country-wide sound broadcasting had small portion of it - responding, which it held as the first and which presidents to the population acoustically and emotional more near brought. Privately it was well-known against it as an unusually quiet contemporary, who did not take part in Small talc and table discussions in principle. This brought in the pointed name “silent Cal” for it. Also its politics style was stressed calm and coined/shaped by the refusal any Aktionismus', thereby a Gegenpol for the economic overheating of those years.

Coolidge was an only president, who was sworn in by its father. When president Harding, under which Coolidge vice-president had been, died, spent Coolidge its summer vacation in its place of residence Plymouth Notch with his father. This sworn in it, since he was a justice of the peace.

Furthermore Coolidge was a first president, who was sworn in by a predecessor (1925). Due to the fact that the Chief Justice swears the president in, it was allowed William Howard taffeta, the Chief at that time Justice, which red-elect president Coolidge swears in.

For its own election campaign in the year 1924 it availed itself of most modern communication strategies, like the film company MGM, the employment of star like e.g. Aluminium Jolson and a particularly composed hit Keep cool one with Coolidge.

, He did not begin something surprisingly for its own party to the choice of 1928. Some saw therein later a Vorahnung the one year after to using world economic crisis, which would have been probably not more grown Coolidge with its politics style.

Coolidge published 1929 its biography. He unexpectedly deceased to 5. January 1933 at 12.45 o'clock in its house in Northampton (Massachusetts) at a cardiac infarct. Before its death it was unfortunate over the fact that president harsh ore C. Hoover (he was under Coolidge a Minister of Trade) had lost the presidency elections 1932. Thereupon its state of health worsened appreciably. Briefly before its death it told a friend that it could not understand these times any longer.

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