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Cambridge is a city in the US Federal State Massachusetts. In fact it is however (although more independently) a quarter of bad clay/tone. It designated in honours of Cambridge, England, the city, where the founder fathers had studied (Cambridge University). Cambridgeis admits by the Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After the census from the year 2000 the city has a total population of 101.355, however daily further humans oscillate to the work into the city. At the 1. July 2004 had the city 100.771Inhabitant.

Cambridge is in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. The district 1997 abolished and existed today only as geographical description. Cambridge and Lowell are the district towns of Middlesex County.

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over the city

the variety of the population is impressing: from the most selected Harvard professor to the poorest Latin American immigrant. This variety contributes to the liberal atmosphere and can in certain respects comparedbecome with Berkeley, California. Due to the famous liberal politics one often calls the city “The People's Republic of OF Cambridge”; political supervisors meet regularly at the U-Bahnhof Harvard Square.

Cambridge was called “The town center OF Squares”, most likely because most of its main street crossings as“Squares” admits is. In the “Greater bad clay/tone” - environment is hardly a “Square” a main crossing. Very few “Squares” have four sides. Everyone this “Squares” functions as a kind neighbourhood center. In addition belong:

  • Kendall Square, formed by the crossing of Broadway, Main Street and Third Street. Directly over„the Longfellow Bridge “from bad clay/tone, at the eastern end of the WITH Campus. It started about the MBTA talk LINE underground. A flourishing biotechnological industry developed in this area, to large parts due to the energetic efforts of ALSO - students.
  • Cent ral Square, formed throughthe crossing of Massachusetts Avenue, Prospect Street and Western Avenue. This is possibly the area of Cambridge, which comes a city center next. It is in addition admits for its variety of ethnical restaurants. Still into the late 90ern the area had rather heruntergekommen; only into the latterYears it became more mondäner. Lafayette Square, formed by the crossing of Massachusetts Avenue, Columbia Street, Sidney Street and Main Street, is regarded to that of the cent ral Square of area as a part.
  • Harvard Square, formed by the crossing of Massachusetts Avenue, Brattle Street and JFKStreet. This is the seat of the Harvard University of, the oldest university in the United States. Like cent ral Square became more elegant Harvard Square only in the last years. It contains many interesting business and has the highest concentration of book shops per square mile generally speakingCountry.Harvard Square about the MBTA talk LINE underground started.
  • Porter Square, about a mile Massachusetts Avenue highly formed out of direction Harvard, by the crossing of Massachusetts Avenue and Somerville Avenue. It about the MBTA talk LINE underground started.
  • Inman Square,at the crossing of Cambridge Street and Hampshire Street in east Cambridge.
  • Lechmere Square, at the crossing of Cambridge Street and roofridge Street, with the Galleria shopping centre. It is started of the MBTA Green LINE underground.

Even if one often printed of references to „the bad clay/tone/Cambridge AREA “, prefers Cambridge sees a retaining of its own identity. This is quite appropriate, since there is a large number of jobs in Cambridge and some parts of the city are even more urbaner than some parts of bad clay/tone.


Cambridge is appropriate for 42°22'25 " north and71°6'38 " west (42, 373746, -71, 110554). After the United States Census office covers the city a total area of 18,5 km ² (7.1 mi ²). 16.7 km ² (6.4 mi ²) of it are country and 1.8 km ² (0.7 mi ²) water. The total area contains 9.82% water.

In the east and the souththe city borders Cambridge on bad clay/tone, in the north on Sommverville and Arlington and in the west on Watertown and Belmont.

law and government

Cambridge nine members a containing town councillor and a sechsköpfiges school committee has. The city delegates and committee members become every two years on the basisthe single transferable vote (STV) system selected. Since the dissolution the New York town center Community School board is in the year 2002 the advice unusual-proves the only board of directors of the USA, that uses STV. [1]

The mayor is selected by and from the city delegates and serves asChairman of the town councillor meetings. In addition the mayor sits in the school committee. Nothing the defiance is not a mayor the Chief Executive of the city. This role takes over rather the town center manager, who is appointed by town center the Council.


has population on the conditions of the census of 2000Inhabitant, 42,615 households and 17,599 families their domicile in the city. The population density amounts to 6,086, 1/km ² (15,766, 1/mi ²). There are 44,725 Wohntrakte with an average density of 2.685/km ² (6,957, 1/mi ²). 68.10% of the urban population are white, 11.92% afroamerikanisch, 0.29% American natives, 11.88% asiatically, 0.08%Pacific descent, 3.19% of other origins and 4.56% descending from two or more races. 7,36% of the population are Hispanics or Latinos of any origin it give 42,615 households, on which 17.6% children under 18 live with itself have, to 29.1% are married, living togetherCouples, 9.7% do not have a female household executive committee and 58.7% to consist of families. 41, 4% all households consist of individuals and 9.2% have someone alone living, which is old 65 or more years. The average household size is 2.03 and the average family size2,83 amounts to. In the city the population is scattered with 13,3% under 18 years, 21.2% from 18 to 24, 38, 6% from 25 to 44, 17, 8% from 45 to 64, and 9.2% with an age of 65 years ormore. The average age amounts to 30 years. On 100 women 96,1 men come. On 100 women or older, there are 18 years 94,7 men. The middle income of a household in the city amounts to 47,979 dollar and the average income for a family 59,423 dollar. Men havean average income of 43,825 dollar against 38,489 dollar for women. By capita incomes for the city 31,156 amounts to dollar. 12.9% of the population and 8,7% of the families live below the poverty border. Among all humans living in poverty, are 15.1% under 18Years old and 12.9% 65 years or older.

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