Cambridge University

University of Cambridge
Wappen der Universität Cambridge
slogan limp to lucem et pocula sacra
based 1209
Chancellor duke of Edinburgh
Vice Chancellor professor Alison smelling pool of broadcasting corporations
location Cambridge, Great Britain
student 16,000 (4,700 Graduates)
member in Russell Group, Coimbra Group, EUA, LERU

the University of Cambridge a British university is in Cambridge. It resulted to the legend after in the year 1209 from an excerpt of lecturers and students from Oxford; as official Gründungsdatum however that of the first college, is considered Peterhouse, 1284.

The University of Cambridge is considered to that as onemost outstanding universities in the world. It brought out more Nobelpreisträger than any other university in the world. Members of the university won more than 80 Nobelpreise, approximately 70 of it were even students in Cambridge. In a current Ranking Cambridge behind Harvard was on place two.

The prominent position of Oxford and Cambridge in the academic life of Great Britain comes in the ironically recapitulatory designation Oxbridge to the expression. The rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge continues until today and finds its folkloristischen expression in the famous Boat Race, one on the Themse since 1829 annually delivered figure eight running of the two university crews. Since Oxford and Cambridge as well as some further tradition universities are very similarly developed - anyhow in the comparison with continental-European universities - their structure in the article British universities are represented.

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the 31 colleges of the university are separate independent institutions, from the university, and they enjoy considerable Selbstständigkeit. For example the colleges decide, which students take up them and are responsible for welfare service, accommodation and learningin small groups (so-called.Super+vision). They appoint further their own Fellows (lecturer and instruction). In addition many colleges are quite wealthy, which to the university in smaller measure applies.

The admission in Cambridge depended into the 1960er years on Sprachkenntnissen in latin and Greek; Languages, which were informed mainly at Privatschulen and therefore the entrance to members of the social Oberschicht limited. Since then the attitude changed and the application process been based on a pure evaluation of the achievement and the Potenzials of the applicant. Of applicants for basic studiesvery good to best notes is expected - British applicants need very good results in their A-levels, German applicants very good notes in relevant subjects - and that they impress the college Fellows with the application interview.

The first college was Peterhouse, which 1284 of Hugh de Balsham, bishop von Ely was created. The secondaryoldest college is King's resounds, which 1317 were created, although it exists today any more than separate college, there it 1546 of Heinrich VIII. (England) with Michaelhouse to Trinity college was united. Many differentColleges became in 14. and 15. Century based. The youngest college is Robinson college, which was built into the late 1970ern.


view of Clare college and King's Chapel
view of Trinity college, Gonville and Caius college, Clare college and King's college Chapel, photographed of sp John's college Chapel
college based
Christ's (EN) 1505
Churchill (EN) 1960
Clare (EN) 1326
Clare resound (EN) 1965
to corpus Christi (EN) 1352
Darwin (EN) 1964
Downing (EN) 1800
Emmanuel (EN) 1584
Fitzwilliam (EN) 1966
greed clay/tone (EN) 1869
Gonville and Caius (EN) 1348
Homerton (EN) 1976
Hughes resound (EN) to 1885
Jesus (EN) 1496
King's (EN) 1441
Lucy Cavendish (EN) 1965
Magdalene (EN) of 1428
new ones resound (EN) to 1954
Newnham (EN) 1871
Pembroke (EN) 1347
Peterhouse (EN) 1284
Queens' (EN) 1448
Robinson (EN) 1979
Sp Catharine's (EN) 1473
sp Edmund's (EN) 1896
sp John's (EN) 1511
Selwyn (EN) 1882
Sidney Sussex (EN) 1596
Trinity (EN) 1546
Trinity resound (EN) to 1350
Wolfson (EN) 1965

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