Camilla Renschke

Camilla Renschke (* 15. March 1980 in Cologne) is a German actress. Already at the age of eight years it participated in a performance of Bertolt Brechts the rifles of the Mrs. Carrar in the Schauspielhaus Bochum .

Their first main role in a television production received it 1997 in to Bella block - a consequence. A broad public is it however particularly by the scene - productions of radio Bremen well-known, in which it from the beginning plays (since 1997) the daughter that clerk sarin (Sabine Postel).

It debütierte in the cinema 1998 with the film “dock Rabe against the Vatikankiller” and played further main roles among other things in “paradise” and “the mother-in-law”. Since that time it was in many further cinema and television productions, for example in “ski one ski”, “SOKO Munich” or “double employment” to see.

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