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a camping site (usually privately operated) is a defined (frequently fenced) area, on the camping - D. h. thus the stay with tents, campers or live-mobile in the context of the leisure activities - is possible.

Camping site in Sault (France) in the off-season

of camping sites are inGeneral one in regions of routistic interest. Practically always are (more or less aufwändige) sanitary plants; frequently additional mechanisms are like small shops, catering trade and. A.

To differentiate camping sites for continuous camper (campers, who use their camper like a holiday house) are and for travelers campers.There are continuous camper places, which do not accept guests. Likewise it gives camping sites only for travelers to tourists, no parking bays for continuous camper letting. Frequently combinations are found.

Many camping sites offer also additionally renting accommodations on (tents, Bungalows).

There are camping sites beyond that in completely Europe and with onevery broadly varied offer pallet. It reaches from the small, simple (usually inexpensive) meadow place up to the full (according to more expensive) offer with bath landscape, supermarket, restaurant and animation for all age groups and interest situations.

Various so-called camping leaders with listings of several thousand camping sites in Europe appear annual.

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plant of the camping place of Sault in France on

camping sites, sanitary on camping sites, usually mechanisms for the hygiene and toilets. Because the mechanismsfor Geschirrspülen, laundry washing and cartridge drains, they are spatially summarized among the sanitary mechanisms are mostly likewise ranked.

The range of the execution forms of the sanitary mechanisms on camping sites is very large. (Only rarely) camping sites with rather archaischer equipment are up to oneStandard, which can measure with elevated hotel plants.

The sanitary appliances are generally to all campers at the disposal. The costs of their use are contained - apart from exceptions - in the booking fee. In addition, every now and then individual mechanisms are rented individual campers (private cabs with complete.„Bathroom mechanism “) or parking bays equipped with individual sanitary appliances.

Many camping sites offer also sanitary mechanisms for handicapped ones .

Warm water

warm water at least with the showers is today standard. The water temperature is frequently preset - today however the adjustableness applies by the camper again as a comfort characteristic. ThoseWarm-water supply is usually inclusive - for the use of the showers frequently extra is only required a fee (chip, showering mark), in order to limit the utilization period to a reasonable measure (some minutes); more rarely also for other mechanisms (Geschirrspülen). These cost in thatRule only a surcharge if it itself e.g. over electrically warmed up water (mostly of devices with more than 18 KW of power input) acts there otherwise difficult-to-understand costs of the operator camping site the consequence would be.

Wash basins

wash basins can be attached openly or in cabs. Particularly into thatsouthern regions pretty often only chilled water is offered. Waschrinnen are found only rarely.


showers are usually in cabs and have usually a lockable door. They should offer a file protected against splash-water for the clothes.


toilets become around thatMediterranean occasionally (proportionately) also implemented as Stehklo. Toilettenpapier is to be bring along pretty often. Urinale are frequently optically not separated.

Table-ware rinsing and laundry wash possibilities

the table-ware rinsing and laundry wash possibilities are frequently at the external walls of the sanitary buildings in the free one. Most camping sites have also washing machines and dryers (approximatelyFee), more rarely also dishwashers.

On larger camping sites the sanitary mechanisms are often distributed on several buildings. It is not unusual that the mechanisms in the different buildings differ qualitatively clearly (different age and renovation status). Frequently the offer of the allocation is adapted (a partthe mechanisms then locked).

In order to evaluate the sanitary mechanisms of a camping site, the number of objects referred to the place size, whose efficiency and appearance are considered as well as cleanliness must. This can occasionally to misunderstandings with the interpretation of such evaluations e.g. a camping leader lead, ifthese valuation criteria to be very differently fulfilled (e.g. Devaluation despite ultramodern, lightning-clean mechanisms, because much too little of it available or certain mechanisms are missing).

Meadow place in Flumet in the French alps in approx. 1200 m height

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