Cangrande I. della Scala

Cangrande I. della Scala (* 9. March 1291 in Verona; † 22. July 1329 in Treviso) was city gentleman (Signore) of Verona from the family of the Scaliger from 1308 to 1329. Cangrande or CAN Grande (Italian for large dog) is the war name of the son of Alberto I., born as Francesco della Scala. della Scala, Mr. von Verona 1277-1301, and the younger brother of Alboino I. della Scala, Mr. von Verona from 1304 to 1311, who made it in the year 1308 the Mitregenten. Alboino and Cangrande, which were emperor faithful both, became common in March 1311 by the Roman-German king Heinrich VII., which was broken open to Italy 1310, in order to be able to be crowned there to the emperor and to re-establish the old realm rights at the same time, appointed Reichsvikaren of Verona.

After death Alboinos appointed Cangrande its son Alberto II. della Scala for his part to the Mitregenten. It made itself a name as soldier, prince and a patron of Dante, Petrarca and Giotto. By war or contract he brought the cities to Treviso (1308), Bell UN, Bassano, Feltre, Padua (1328) and Vicenza under his control. In the year 1318 he was selected from the lombardischen Ghibellinenbund to the general captain.

Cangrande I. della Scala was married since the year 1308 with Giovanna di Svevia († 29. December 1352), the daughter of the Corrado di Antiochia (Staufer) and sister of the widow of its 1304 deceased brother and predecessor Bartolomeo. The pair did not have inheriting.


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