Cannes (of Latin canna for reed) is a city with approx. 70,200 inhabitants (2006) in Southern France to the Côte d'Azur in the section Alpes maritime.

View of Cannes seen by La
Castre city center of Cannes from the east. At the right contour the city hall alsoTrees before it. Behind it to the Petanque - plays genutze place Allées de la liberté
view of the lookout point superCannes of Tanneron & Esterel
Der Strand von Cannes
the beach of Cannes
Die Gare des Autobus in Cannes
refine the motorbus in Cannes

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to the west of Cannes the Esterel rises - mountains. It has a beautiful Steilküste from red Porphyr.

The inhabitant prognosis proceeds from a strong population growth on 87.000 inhabitants until 2010.


from the Middle Ages to in early 19. Century was Cannes a fishing village. In the thirties-years 19. Century came French and foreign noble ones into the area and built holiday houses. Until today the city is a meeting place that realms and beautiful ones and hasa mondänen character keep.

  • 1815: Napoléon Bonaparte stores on its return of Elba with Cannes.
  • 1834: Former the minister of economics and financial of Great Britain lord Brougham, Cannes discovers and establishes themselves there. Rapidly further Aristokraten follows it.
  • 1838: Building of the “old personPort "
  • 1868: Building of the Croisette.
  • 1871: On the Croisette palms are planted.
  • 1912: The Nobelhotel Carl clay/tone is opened on the Croisette. In the next years some further luxury hotels follow it.
  • 1946: The first Filmfestival takes place.
  • 1982: The new “palacethe festival et the Congrès " one opens.

regular meetings

is Cannes particularly admits by the annually in May taking place international film festivals. Also the annual Werbefestival „Cannes Lions Advertising festival “is international internationally renowns.

From 1996 to 2005 found inCannes the most important portable radio fair of Europe instead of, the 3GSM World Congress.

Take place annually in March the MIPIM, world largest trade real estate and operating settlement fair, in the palace of the festival. Organizer is REED MIDEM. Duration four days.



of sons and daughters thatCity

other personalities

the following persons in Cannes lived:


the public bus traffic in Cannes as well as the places Le Cannet and Mandelieula Napoule operates bus Azur. The cross-country penalty for that rapid Côte d'Azur connect Cannes with Nice and Grasse. Further Cannes is naturally attached to the traction network of the SNCF.


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