Canto general

of the Canto general (German title: The large singing) an extensive poem cycle of the Chilean poet is Pablo Neruda over the fight of Latin America against the colonialism from the year 1950.

The poem cycle consists of 15 sections, 231 poems and covers more than 15,000 linesand raises the requirement to be a history or an encyclopedia of the entire South American continent.

First the Chilean composer and pianist Sergio Ortega wrote a Vertonung of the cycle together with Gustavo Becerra, which was uraufgeführt 1970.

Starting from 1970 parts became this Zykluses of the Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis to a “Oratorium for two solo voices, mixed choir and orchestra” converts.

For 1973 Theodorakis with the Oratorium planned a tour by different countries Americas, Neruda should speak poems with the performances its.

The participation Nerudas failed because of its cancer illness, the performancein Nerudas homeland Chile had to be called off, because there at the 11. September the selected government by a Militärputsch was fallen. The planned performance place, a football stadium, was converted from military into a camp.

The work could be uraufgeführt then 1975 in Athens, after the endthe Greek military dictatorship.

Neruda succumbed to 23. September 1973 of its illness. The planned performance of the Canto general in Chile took place after the end of the military dictatorship in April 1994.

clay/tone carriers

of the Canto general exist different photographs, the following data refer upthe live-performance of 14. February 1980 in the palace of the republic with Maria Farantouri, Heiner Vogt and the broadcast choir Berlin, conductor was Theodorakis.

NR title mm: ss translation
1 Amor América (1400) 1:38 love for America (1400)
2 Algunas Bestias 11:10 some animals
3 Voy AVivir (1949) 5:33 I will live (1949)
4 lot Libertadores 16:29 the Befreier
5 Vienen lot Pajaros 10:30 the birds to appear
6 La United Fruit of cost. 7:44 the United Fruit company
7 Vegetaciónes 7:11 plant plants
8 América Insurrecta (1800) 10:02 insurgent America (1800)

“The originallive recording " according to Plattencover of 13. and 16. August 1975 in jetty from and Athens with Maria Farantouri and Petros Pandis with the same titles as the citizens of Berlin admission.

An admission Hamburg heap of singer of 28. and 29. September 1985 with the soloists Arja Saijonmaa andPetros Pandis. It contains 9 titles.

“Integral version - for 13 parts” stands on the Cover of a live-admission from Olympia-resounds in Munich from the year 1981. With Maria Faranduri, Petros Pandis, of the pc. Jakobs choir and the Stockholm orchestra. Directed Mikis Theodorakis.

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