Capella Speciosa

the so-called Capella Speciosa is to the pin church in monastery new castle , Lower Austria on the area of the pin somewhat south. It is considered as one old-tests and most important buildings of the gothic in Austria. It became around 1200 under duke Leopold VI. as palace church probably by French craftsmen over an older Roman building of predecessors establishes. 1799 fell the Capella Speciosa the Josephinismus to victim and were geschleift. Parts of the chapel found in the Laxenburger Franzensburg use. 1953 was already opened and documented the foundation walls of the Capella. In the summer 2005 the Capella Speciosa was opened in the framework by Nachgrabungen of the federal monument office again and is accessible in the pin monastery new castle of the public starting from 6.Mai 2006. In the guidance “sakraler way” also some figures of the group of lofts are to be seen.

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coordinates: 48° 18 ' 22 " N, 16° 19 ' 36 " O


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