Carey McWilliams (contactor)

Carey McWilliams born to 5. July 1973 in fargo (North Dakota) and is an US-American author, sniper and a parachutist.

It was issued admits in the year 2001, as it as world-wide first blind one a gun license with permission, weapons for self-defense with itself to carry. This authorization brought it into the headlines of the US press agency UPI and as short documentation into the documentary filmBowling for to Columbine “.

life data

Carey McWilliams is the son of Janice McWilliams. Due to a vorgeburtlichen brain damage at the beginning of puberty when growing together the head bones its Sehnerv was squeezed off. Despite its nearly 100%-igen going blind it joined the air Force Auxiliary and participated in firearm training. After a sniper course by the ROTC it is since the age of 27 years in the possession of a gun license.

During the following weapon test it reached 105 of 100 possible points. A ball hit against the catching disk and back by the target, so that it got additional 5 points to its perfect shooting result credited. A shooting result of 100 points is reached only of 40% of all graduates of the final test.

Carey McWilliams married to 15. May 2004 Victoria Rice from Moorhead (Minnesota) and lives today with it in fargo (North Dakota), the USA. After appearance of its first narration in the summer 2004 its first book “Moonlight's Meridian becomes: Nuclear Terrorism and the Undead " in July 2005 publishes.

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