Karl-Heinz Janson

Karl-Heinz Janson (* 13. December 1931 in walter living) was functionary in the Politbüro of the central committee of the SED in the GDR.

Janson became 1948 member of the FDJ and 1949 the SED. After the Abitur it visited the party university starting from 1950 and studied 1952 - 1958 at the university for economics in Berlin. Afterwards it was an economist in an enterprise for multicolored metallurgy in Aue.

Starting from 1961 it was active in the Politbüro of the ZK of the SED: until 1961 in the economic commission under Erich Apel, until 1967 in the department of planning and finances under Gerhard Schürer, until 1976 in the department of socialist business management under Günter noon and until 1989 in the economic commission.

After 1989 he worked as Pappenpresser, doorman, cashier and a salesman; 1993 he became pensioner.

Janson received the patriotic earnings/service medal to 1982.


  • “Totengräber of the GDR. Like Günter noon the SED state ruined "", Duesseldorf 1991


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