Carl Adolph Agardh

Carl Adolph Agardh

Carl Adolph Agardh (* 23. January 1785 in Båstad (preserve); † 28. January 1859 in Karlstad) was a Swedish Botaniker.


Carl Adolph Agardh was born 1785 as a son of the dealer Jacob George Agardh.

Agardh studied natural science and mathematics at the University of Lund starting from 1799 and attained a doctorate there 1805 to the doctor of philosophy. He remained at the university, became starting from 1807 lecturer in mathematics, Botanik and economics, and finally 1812 a professor for Botanik and economics. In the future he dedicated at the university Stockholm of the botanischen research and concentrated, lively by his colleague Peter Olof Swartz, in particular on the Kryptogamenkunde.

1816 it let the religious consecrations give and became a minister in the pc. Peter monastery in Lund, without giving its Professur up. 1834 he was appointed the bishop in Karlstad.

With its writings Agardh for systematics of the algae gave substantial impulses in its time.

Agardh continued to write also papers over state-economic questions, was a delegate of its pin to Reichstag and Mitglied of the 1827 and 1828 destined educating committees. In this function it had strongly affected the reform of the Swedish educational system accomplished at that time.

Among Agardhs its grandchild Gustaf Fröding, one of the most important Swedish poets of the 1890er ranks most famous descendant years.


  • Species algarum cognitae etc. would guess/advise Scandinaviae (
  • Lund 1817) to writings Synopsis. (that. and. Greifsw. 1823-28, 2 Bde.)
  • Icones algarum europaearum (Leipz. 1828-35)
  • Systema algarum (Lund 1824)
  • Essai de réduire la physlologie végétale à the principes fondamentaux (Lund 1828)
  • Essai sur le développement intérieur flat width unit (that. 1829)
  • Lärobok i botanik (Malmö 1830-32, 2 Bde. ; German, 1. Part: Organographie of the plants, of L. v. Meyer, Kopenh. 1831; 2. Part: General biology of the plants, of Creplin, Greifsw. 1832)
  • Försök till EN statsökonomisk statistics Sverige (with Ljungberg, Stockh. 1852-63, 4 Bde.)


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