Carl August Schwerdgeburth

Carl August Schwerdgeburth (* 9. August 1785; † 25. October 1878) was Kupferstecher and painter.

It was Hofkupferstecher with the prince of Saxonia Weimar iron oh and father of the painter Otto Schwerdgeburth. Its most well-known works are a copper pass of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and a copper pass cycle over the life of Martin Luther.

The pass of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is the last portrait of Goethe, created after the life. The underlying design was accepted during Goethe's lifetimes finished and also by Goethe. The copper pass became only finished after Goethe's death.

The cycle over Martin Luther contains a pass, which shows Luther in its living room in joke mountain with its family under a Christmas tree. This picture of 1856 became the source of the legend, Luther is the inventor of the Christmas tree.

It is to be noted that with all members of the family Schwerdgeburth in many sources wrong life data and also wrong name writing up are called to certain portraits. A cause for it is apart from carelessness the fact that a half sister of Carl August Schwerdgeburth with the first names Cäcilie Amalie was also a painter and the same initials as your half brother had.


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