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Carl bark, (* 27. March 1901 in close proximity to Merrill, Oregon, † 25. August 2000 in Grants passport, Oregon), was an US-American painter, Cartoonist as well as a Texter and a draughtsman von Comics.

Carl bark was a most well-known draughtsman of the US-American Disney Comics, in particular stories around the family ducks and their friends. He differentiated partially still quite the characters on one side held from the Trickfilmen and the Zeitungscomics of aluminium Taliaferro and addednew figures in addition. He is the mental father of the richest man of the world Dagobert ducks (Scrooge McDuck), the ingenious inventor Daniel nozzle impulse (Gyro Gearloose) or the tank breaker (Beagle Boys). Also the American name thatCity duck living ducking castle comes from bark. Carl bark was it thus also, the uncle Dagobert and other members of the Disney family invented, against the common opinion, the inventor is rolls Disney themselves been. Roll Disney was rather simply the founderthe company of its name, from which the main figures, here above all Donald duck, came out. Before Barks' working were except Donald its friend Daisy already duck available. Donalds nephew tick, trick and TRACK had its first appearance inthe Disney Kurztrickfilm Donald's Nephews of 1938, which comes in substantial parts from bark, which before its Comic career some years as trick film draughtsmen and - writer in Disney Studios worked. Carl bark invented in addition many further “ducks”.

Some these figures, those originallyonly for a certain Comic it was sketched, became so popular that they received their own Comic series later.

Into the 1950er years were so popular its Comics in the USA that he was called “the good artist”, because nobody could do itsNames, which carried booklets as author note only the mark “roll Disney”. It means even that the publishing house suppressed fan post office to it. Only into the 1970er it succeeded to years to persistent fans to find its name out and the master, long in pension to visit.

I always felt myself tons on unlucky person like Donald, who is A victim OF in such a way many circumstances. But there isn't A person into the United States who couldn't identify with him. He is everything, he is everybody; hemakes the same of mistakes that incoming goods all make. He is sometimes A a much layman, and he is often A material good guy and RK of all times he is just A blundering person like the AVERAGEs human being, and I think thatis one OF the reasons people like the duck.

(Carl bark)

to German this means about:

I always felt as a pitch bird such as Donald, which is a victim of so many circumstances. But there is no person to thatUnited States, which could not identify itself with it. It is everything, it is everyone; it makes the same errors, which we all make. He is created, often always is he sometimes a correctly good chap, but a simple Tollpatschlike average humans, and I believe that that is one of the reasons, why the people the duck like.

With Dr. Erika fox found the Comics of Carl bark a kongeniale translator into German. Typical 1950er-Jahre-Sprüche like “the Ingeniör is nothing too swear " or the Donald duck quotation “where one looks, nothing as area” originate from its feather/spring. Their language was by far more differentiated than the US-American original, in which bark used also many Slang words.

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Carl bark 1901 on a farm in close proximity to Merrill in the US Federal State Oregon was born. For instance at the age of ten yearsdiscovered he his interest for drawing. Apart from a remote course of the Landon School OF Cartooning it however never received formal training.

Bark nut/mother died, when it was these 15 years old on which these after school the 8. Classbroke off, in order to support his father on the Ranch. At the age of 18 years pulled bark to San Francisco, where he earned his living costs as a Laufbursche in printering. After two-year unsuccessful search for an employment as draughtsmen turnedit after Oregon back.

1923 married bark its first wife and left due to a Dürre the Ranch. In Roseville, east of Sacramento, bark Pacific Fruit express worked in the repair workshop of the railway company. 1928 knew bark first joke designs to thatHumor sheet Calgary Eye Opener sell. It quit on the railway and pulled after Minneapolis, where the Eye Opener had its place of publication. Already 1930 returned bark again to Oregon. From its first wife it had in the meantime separated.

At the agefrom 34 years bark 1935 applied with Disney - Studios, where he was shifted after some time as an intermediate phase draughtsman for Zeichentrickfilme into the Storyentwicklung. Altogether it participated in altogether about 35 Kurzfilmen. 1942 changed bark to the Western publishing house, the Disney Comics under license brought out and drew starting from 1943 regularly the Donald duck Comics. In order to ensure a uniform appearance, he arranged indication guidances (model sheets) for its colleagues. Its style became pointing the way for the later ducking draughtsmen. For Western drewBark over 500 multilateral Comic stories, in addition numerous unity pus.

Starting from 1947 arising Nebencharaktere built bark again and again into its stories. 1952 got his figure uncle Dagobert its own booklet row.

To 30. June 1966 went bark into pension, until 1973 suppliedit however still Storyideen for other draughtsmen and Cover designs for Western off. From 1971 to 1976 bark 122 Ölgemälde with motives of the family painted duck. After the speculation with the pictures began, those of Disney Studios forbade further production. These picturesobtain today under collecting tanks top prices.

After the death of his third Mrs. Garé 1993 created bark Carl bark the Studio. Here it was concerned mainly with the draft of porcelain - and bronze - figures with motives for ducking. Around 1996 it pulleditself artistically back.

Altogether bark 396 Scripts drew 190 Cover for the Disney Comics 6215 sides, and wrote.

Carl bark was three times married. With Pearl from 1923 to 1929, Clara from 1931 to 1951 and finally, up to their deathstarting from 1952 with Garé. With his first wife had bark two children. It died to 25. August 2000 at the age of 99 years in Oregon at Lymphdrüsenkrebs.


difficult-to-understand largely bark' life's work failed, unforgettable picture storiesas product of a creative period in the Solde of roll Disney' s story department between 1942 and 1966. The elbow stretches itself thereby from its Erstling „Piratengold (Pirate gold, 1942) “up to last designs in the Kurzgeschichte „details the correct job (The DaintyDaredevil, 1968) “. Uncle Dagobert, which had been introduced to the original as Uncle Scrooge into „the courage sample (Christmas on Bear Mountain, 1947) “, became since history „the poor, old man (Only A Poor old one, 1952) “as literally in money more swimmingGeizhals characterizes. First as rather unsympathische figure in the style of its literary model Ebenezer Scrooge of Charles of thickening about Christmas grumbling, arranged bark his character later moderate. Of fans as favourite history „Christmas for grief village (A Christmas is called again and again forShacktown, 1952) “.

bark Comics in Germany

already in the first German Micky mouse booklets of the post-war period starting from 1951 were to bark Stories, whose stories starting from 1965 particularly in the Donald duck special editions published. The magazine row „Goofy “brought starting from 1979regularly bark Ten Pagers in the Comic part „Nostalgoofy “. Comprehensively its work was covered again presented in one between 1992 and 2004 bark LIBRARY edition, the 133 album volumes appeared and already z. T. is out of print. Since summer 2005 appears inGermany Carl put on on 10 Schuber à 3 volumes (= 3 volumes for each Schuber) high-quality bark Collection, those up to the year 2009 all of bark written and drawn Disney Comics reprints and many commentating essays as well as further documents ofBark contains.

the culture critic

bark observed the development of the mass media in the USA with large uneasiness. Repeated he knows in interviews, which he gave to his trailers and journalists, on the dangers of the television consumption - particularly in forms,as it in the USA arises -.

With us [in the USA] the television set never stands still, and which is then ordered, absolute trash is to 99 per cent! One knows the influence of the American television on the populationenough stress, it make humans real broken and poison them!

(quotes after: Klaus Strzyz/Andreas's C. Knigge: “Disney”) [

work on] background

from the inside its works

bark argued any political or social intention of its works fall off, neverthelessit with some stories, z. B.The city of the golden roofs, heavily, to ignore criticism at (US ) the imperialism. The moreover it gives psychologist, lawyers, Geheimdienstler etc. also in some works. the ridiculousness price or ensures for the fact that Hitler My fight is platziert, where it belongs: on the garbage dump. Picture

also the Viet Nam war treated bark critically in its history the treasure of the Marco Polo: Dagobert expects a life-large Jade elephant from Unstetistan (is inspired by Viet Nam). Butthe crate contains only the piece of tail the elephant - and the farmer boy Kambaluk. As one in the tail a document from that 13. Century finds, bypasses the Ducks as well as Kambaluk after Unstetistan, after the remainder of the elephant andto search the sayful treasure of the Marco Polo. There one comes into confusions of a civil war, which was plotted by a rebel army under guidance of Budak. Later Dagobert and Donald are taken prisoner by the rebels. But turns out as, is Kambaluk in reality Purruk, the missing person prince von Unstetistan. With the help of the Jade elephant, which applies in Unstetistan as holy, it can prove itself as legal rulers and terminate Budaks rebellion. Dagobert finds the treasure of the Marco Polo, donates it howeverthe distressed population of Unstetistan.

This kind of criticism ensures for the fact that some works Barks' strongly censored or long time was not even published, because it for some, also for roll Disney, when politically unkorrekt applied. As example would behistory in the country of the dwarf Indians to call, in the bark on environmental problems and the problems of indigener peoples makes attentive.


completion of films by Carl bark:


  • decaying Inventions
  • Donald's eastsmell


  • Self control
  • Donald's Better Self
  • Donald's Nephews
  • Good Scouts
  • Donald's gulf Game


  • Donald's Lucky Day
  • The Hockey Champ
  • Donald's cousin Gus
  • Sea Scouts
  • Donald's Penguin
  • The autograph Hound


  • Mr. Duck steps Out
  • Bone Trouble
  • PUT PUT Troubles
  • Donald's Vacation
  • Window Cleaners
  • Fire Chief


  • Timber
  • The golden Eggs
  • Earyl ton of Bed
  • Truant Officer Donald
  • old MacDonald duck
  • boss Donald


  • The many situation of Smithy
  • Donald's Snow Fight
  • Donald GET Drafted
  • The Army Mascot
  • The Vanishing private
  • Sky Trooper
  • Bellboy Donald


  • The old Army Game
  • Home Defense


  • Trombone Trouble
  • The plastic Inventor


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