Carl Christian Mez

Carl Christian Mez (* 26. March 1866 in Freiburg in mash gau; † 8. January 1944 in Freiburg in mash gau) was a German Botaniker and university professor

Carl Christian Mez came of to a familyfamily family in Freiburg. He was a grandchild of the entrepreneur and politician Karl Christian Mez (1808-1877). Already as a high school student Carl Mez was interested in the Botanik and written a contribution over a Inula - to hybrid.

It studied first from 1883 to 1884 at the university of its hometown, changed for one term to Berlin and returned 1886 again to Freiburg. Its thesis with a topic over the Lauraceae it submitted in Berlin and became there the Dr. phil attains a doctorate.

To short activity at the Botani museum in Berlin Mez went to Breslau, habilitierte themselves there and worked since 1890 as a private lecturer. 1900 Mez tidy professor for systematic Botanik and Pharmacognosie appointed 1910 in resounds and as a tidy professor for plant physiology and director of the Botani garden after king mountain, where he took over also the line of the Botani garden and 1935 were emeritiert.

Mez was founder and to 1938 publishers of Botani archives.

Its main research areas were systematics and physiology. He continued to work over taxonomy and morphology above all the Lauraceae and introduced the Serologie as means of the relationship research. In addition it worked mykologisch and wrote among other things work over the dry rot.



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  • the microscope and its application: a manual when microscopic investigations for pharmacist, physicians, Medicinalbeamte, technician, Gewerbtreibende etc. - 8. , strongly verm. Aufl. - Berlin: 1899
  • Myrsinaceae - Leipzig [among other things]: 1902
  • microscopic investigations, prescribed of the German dispensatory: Manual for the microscopic pharmakognostische practical course at universities and for private study - Berlin: 1902
  • Theophrastaceae - Leipzig [among other things]: 1903
  • the dry rot and the remaining wood-destructive mushrooms of the human dwellings: their recognition, meaning and fight - Dresden: 1908
  • the adhesion for dry rot and dry rot: a memorandum for building masters, owners of house and lawyers… - Berlin: 1910
  • for the theory of the Sero diagnostics - Berlin: Dt. Verl. - Total ones for politics and history, 1925
  • three lectures on the master history of the plant world with 1 family tree of the Pflanzenreichs/1925
  • theories of master history - Berlin: German Verl. - Ges for politics and history, 1926
  • attempt of a master history of the mushroom realm - (Saale) 1928 Bromeliaceae
  • - Leipzig resound 1935


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