Carl Friedrich Hindenburg

Carl Friedrich Hindenburg (* 13. July 1741 in Dresden; † 17. March 1808 in Leipzig) was a German mathematician, professor of philosophy and physics.

Hindenburg was the son Dresdens of a wholesale dealer. It was informed by a private teacher. it went to 1757 to the University of Leipzig and occupied courses of the medicine, philosophy, physics, mathematics and aesthetics. it made its conclusion for 1771 as Magister and the private lecturer was appointed.

Already before its appointment as the private lecturer published Hindenburg 1763 and 1769 several writings in the area of the philology. The first publications within the range mathematics it made 1776. Two years later it published its work about combinatorial mathematics. In the following years, until 1800 he published a number of mathematical writings. Hindenburg made itself as an inventor of the combinatorial analysis a name. Under its writings are particularly to mention the magazine published with Daniel Bernoulli „Leipziger magazine to pure and applied mathematics “(Leipzig 1786-1789), „archives of pure and applied mathematics “(Leipzig 1794-1801) and „the collection of combinatorisch analytic papers “(Leipzig 1796, 1800).

1781 were appointed Hindenburg as an extraordinary professor of philosophy at the University of Leipzig. After the presentation of a doctor work over water pumps he was appointed 1786 also the professor of physics, when which he worked in the next 20 years mainly.

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