Carl Friedrich Zelter

Carl Friedrich Zelter

Carl Friedrich Zelter (* 11. December 1758 in Berlin; † 15. May 1832 ebenda) was a German musician.


as a son of a bricklayer and even a bricklayer master had itself Zelterbeside its practical work also in music trained further.1791 occurred Zelter the singing academy of his teacher and promoter Carl Friedrich Christian Fasch , 1800 took over it their line. 1806 it the honour member and 1809 became the professor of the Kgl. Academy thatArts appointed. 1809 it created the first citizens of Berlin song board, 1820 royal Institut for church music. Working Zelters is also the building of the singing academy at the Kastanienwäldchen to owe to the today's max in fermenting AI theatre in Berlin under the lime trees.

Beside itsBricklayer and conductor activity wrote Zelter music-educational memoranda and took myself time for numerous pupils, are only the most well-known of whom Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy , Otto Nicolai and Giacomo Meyerbeer. With its memoranda Zelter put an important foundation-stone for institutionalizingthe musical training in Prussia, itself and. A. on the 1810 created citizens of Berlin university affected.

It oriented itself in music at brook and trade. He became acquainted with 1802 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in Weimar, and it developed onedeep friendship with many personal meetings and one more than 30-jährigen exchange of letters. Goethe over Zelter: “In discussions Zelter is ingenious and always meets the nail on the head… It can with the first meeting somewhat very crudely, every now and thenappear even somewhat raw. However, that is only outward. I hardly know someone, which would be at the same time as tender as Zelter. “

The citizens of Berlin was well-known Zelter, which was at its time one of the most well-known musicians of the city, also by various anecdotes.Around 1825 the following circulated:

Zelter goes straight over the lock bridge; before him a sand boy , who winds the straight hit “we you the young remote ring” out weber free contactor trällert, runs however not beyond the beginning comes. Finally setsZelter with its bass voice annoys: “with violet-blue silk”. The rascal turns and says: “If it the young remote ring to sing itself wants to probably begin itself, can it it ooch alleene!” The master was struck!

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