Carl Martin Reinthaler

Carl Martin Reinthaler (* 1822 in Erfurt; † 1896 in Bremen; also Karl Reinthaler written) was a German composer and director/conductor of the cathedral choir in Bremen.

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Carl Martin Reinthaler studied theology and afterwards with Adolf Bernhard Marx music. As a royal scholarship holder it studied from 1849 to 1852 in Paris and Rome. Starting from 1857 it coined/shaped the musical life of the city Bremen as director of music, cathedral organist and a director/conductor of the cathedral choir. 1868 was it considerably at the premiere of the German Requiems of Johannes Brahms pray-expresslies. By many of its religious compositions a model of captain shows itself .

works (selection)

  • Jephta and its daughter. Oratorium in two abbott healings
  • the Käthchen of Heilbronn. romantic opera in four documents
  • of choir works:
    • Five sayings and a Christmas carol OI. 50. Bremen, Praeger & Meier
    • hurry, God, me to erretten (Psalm 70) for 8-stimmig in accordance with. Choir
    • glad-lure with hands, all peoples (Psalm 47) OI. 18, 2 for 8-stimmig in accordance with. Choir
    • praise the Mr., my soul (Psalm 103) op.40 for 4-stimmig in accordance with. To choir
    • praise the Mr., all heaths (Psalm 117) for 4-stimmig in accordance with. Choir
    • my soul require and long yourself (Psalm 42) for 4-stimmig in accordance with. Choir
    • if the Mr. the prisoners Zions (Psalm 126) for 5-stimmig in accordance with. Choir


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