Carl Philipp Frauenfeldt

Carl Philipp Frauenfeldt (* 16. April 1724 in Schwetzingen; † 8. October 1761 in shop castle) is a German composer from the epoch of the early classical period (Vorklassik).


Frauenfeldt became to 16. April 1724 in Schwetzingen as a son of a village school master and a church musician born. Its father was it also, with whom it received instruction in singing as well as in the piano and playing the violin play, later also at the organ, already in recent years. After conclusion of its education Frauenfeldt began first a study of on the right of and political sciences at the University of Heidelberg, which he gave up however soon in favor of his musical manipulation. It provided the Kantorenamt in different Pfarreien, primarily in Mannheim and environment, and arrived thereby also in contact at the Mannheimer school, which had been created in the year 1750 by Johann Stamitz to yards of the cure prince Karl Theodor. Although Frauenfeldt did not rank among the actual members of the Mannheimer school, its work was affected nevertheless considerably by this style direction. In the year 1761 Fauenfeldt in shop castle, where he had established himself with his wife and its altogether six children, at the consequences of a pneumonia deceased.


the kompositorische work Frauenfeldts essentially consists of altogether 37 piano and Orgelsonaten, by which however today only two are delivered. Besides Frauenfeldt composed several Symphonien, Oratorien, fairs and Kantaten, which are however predominantly likewise only fragmentarily received. As the most important innovation of its work is considered the “Schwetzinger fall” so-called in Anlehung to the Mannheimer rocket, a dynamic motive marked by descending melody process, strong Decrescendo and Rallentando, which was used by Frauenfeldt frequently at the end of its Symphonien and Sonaten. A Rezeption of the “Schwetzinger of fall” can be proven among other things in the piano work of Friedrich Kuhlau.


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