Carl rotting man

the island Delos, 1847

Carl Anton Joseph rotting man (* 11. January 1797 in glove home (today to Heidelberg); † 7. July 1850 in Munich) was a German landscape painter and a most famous representative of the painter family rotting man.

Rotting man belonged to the artist circle around the Bavarian king Ludwig I. on and by it exclusively the production of large sized landscape paintings one assigned. It is well-known for mythisch heroisierende landscape painting.

To his pupils the landscape painter Karl Lindemann Frommel belonged.


Carl Anton Joseph rotting man is in glove home (today's Heidelberg) at the 11. January 1797 born. There it received first indication instruction from its father, Friedrich rotting man, who drawing taught at the university in Heidelberg, and painted there in its first (artistic) period atmospheric features. it drew its second period to 1821 to Munich where began: 1824 he married Friedericke, the daughter of its uncle Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell which as a yard garden director served. This opened it the acquaintance with king Ludwig which for it possible 1826/27 an Italy journey made, in order its motive repertoire, which had consisted up to then of native landscapes to extend. After the return it received from Ludwig I. the order to a monumental cycle of Italian landscapes in the arcades residents of Munich of the yard garden. The 1833 cycle implemented in Freskotechnik finished placed gave the solidarity of Ludwig I. with Italy visible expression and main header the landscape painting as kind on the height of the history painting, for which the remaining large orders of the king within the range of the monumental painting applied. 1834 received from the king the order to rotting man to second, now the landscapes of Greece dedicated cycle, which one can designate as its third period. Originally likewise for the yard garden arcades intended, the 23 large landscapes finally came into the again built new Pinakothek to the list, where its own hall was assigned to them. Rotting man died at the age of 53 years to 7. July 1850 in Munich. It was considered as the most famous representative of the painter family.


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